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Post Info TOPIC: The Myopic Debate: Nature V Nurture

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Date: Sun Oct 1 3:15 PM, 2006
The Myopic Debate: Nature V Nurture

This is an interesting article about progressive Myopia, its similar to KC in many ways and so is the closest cousine there is to KC I think (Prof. Lombadri was telling me its the same thing but in another form)

The debate tally's to much talked about for the causes of KC, there is referances to eye drops under-development for progressive myopia, which is good to hear for us as well I think...



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Date: Mon Oct 2 12:52 PM, 2006

Quintrix and I exchanged some views on this topic and we think it may be of interest to everybody. So here we go

Quintrix:> > What do you think about the post i just done in
> the changing horizons section of the
> > forum?...interesting? benfical to us?
> >

Yarsky:> I see.
>  Since I knew the German group (Wolensak,Seiler,
> Sporl, Kohlhass), I started to think of myopia more
> structurally. There are three ways that myopia can
> manifest itself:
> 1. clear lens deformation
> 2. corneal deformation
> 3. eye (or scleral) deformation
> You remember, there is some work or experimaents
> done by Wolensak, Sporl, Seiler on scleral crosslinking?
> There is a couple of publication on this subject.
> Now why that? Because they aim on the most severe form
> of > myopia, the scleral deformation. They think they can
> learn how to treat it, namely how to strengthen the
> sclera against defomations that literally sqweeze
> the eye. And they think they could achieve it with
> cross-linking. In this respect they consider it as a
> sort of universal biological tissue strengthenning
> method. You see, these are not the three possible
> reasons of myopia. Reasons may be genetical,
> environmental,..The principal thing is that
> biological tissue of clear lens, cornea and sclear may be
> week...Whatever the reason why it is week they hope
> that with cross-linkin they can strengthen it. Well
> whatever the outcome of their efforts, the focus is:
> strenghtenning the eye tissue may help to fight
> against miopia. In this respect, is it genetics or
> environment does not really matter...
> What do you think?

Quintrix:>I see how your thinking on this is... i think kc is
> jjust probably a different "shape" of sticking out
> of the cornea as with Myopia... I think what it says
> that reading close up may cause it may be true... as
> i have read this in other places... it says that the
> eye changes its length due to the eye itself doing
> it to companstate may be due to close up reading?
> There was a study in new scentist which said that
> when correction for glasses was not actuare the eye
> gets longer or shorter depending on the glasses
> correction... may be the eye is trying to find a
> clear picture?... but in the whole i think in myopia
> there is weakening of the cornea... but does it have
> an "illness" like in kc... chemical changes??
> Also they reckon that using rgp early in childhood
> myopia may reduce it from progressing??
> what do you think about the eye drops they was
> talking about?
Yarsky: >I'll read it more closely tomorrow. As I understand,
>one of the phenomena is as follows. When the object is
>near, it is not only the muscles inside the eye that
>force the lens to chnage it curvature. It is the whole
>eye that changes its curvature. If you focus too long
>time on objects that are near. There may be a
>no-return-point: biological tissue as any other
>material experience fatigue being held under tension
>for too long time. I know a guy who had myopia but
>finaly had the retinal detachment. My intuition is
>that long close work does precisely that: eye muscles,
>eye tissue is overtired...It is very mechanical thing.
>You can find it in any material. Google on "material
>fatigue" or see it here

>So what do I do? Periodicaly, during the day I look
>far, on distant objects, and in different directions,
>to force eye muscles relax and work in different
>regime. I think it is crucial for good eye health. Out
>of 10 hours in front of the computer, each half an
>hour look far for 5 minutes.
>Drops my be relaxing the eye muscles...I do not know.

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