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Phase Two

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Date: Tue Sep 11 11:51 AM, 2007
RE: Questions

HI Pella and a warm welcome to you,

Prof Lombadri from what I understand has a personal approach to every patient, every surgery is diferent to the last one he did. Everything is personalised to the patients Keratoconus. Sometimes a two stage treatment is needed, the time interval can vary in this depending on individual healing times, the depth of incision used can differ with each incision, how many are used, how long they are, where they are put...

All in all... everything is variable and so it is through receiving the results from tests and then a consultation is how a clear picture can be given.

This search for info. is good, but this is not a procedure that is like the cookie cutter they use with a PK Transplant... it can not be standardised or is a production line treatment.

This is the batton that needs to be passed on to others to know... and Prof Lombadri is happy with the way things are and will only go to treatment with a patient who accepts that he gives a strict personalised service only.

There should be some general news coming out soon...

Again welcome Pella, you must understand there has been a long story running on mini-ark which you have come across only now... hopefully soon there will be some breakthrough news coming out, if people hold to their promise and don't get swayed by the pressure of the contact lens industry.

Good to hear from you

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