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Post Info TOPIC: Thalasselis syndrome


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Date: Mon Jun 12 12:09 AM, 2006
RE: Thalasselis syndrome

Hi Norbert,
Those links made for some very interesting reading. Are you using a magnesium suppliment?
Its very interesting to think that even the slightest imbalance in the nutrients we need on a daily basis may be causing us so much harm.
Maybe we should contact a nutritionalist and get some in depth infomation on Magnesium. I think that diet has a far greater influence on on health than most of us realise.
Great to hear from you again,
All the best,




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Date: Mon Jun 12 7:31 PM, 2006

Hi Hari.

I think that eating habits are very, very important for well health.
I had a time where I didn't eat any fruit, salad or vegatable. So I also didn't get enough magnesium (and also other things).
I changed my nutrition (beside many other things I did). Now the supply of important substances for my body should be better.
Nevertheless I have times (like at the moment) where I eat complementing magnesium (standard preparation; but nothing else beside magnesium and OPC because I think natural supply is much better) when I feel that I have a lack (for example when I have cramp in the calf; it's well known that magnesium helps).

As I already told you, I changed more things in my life (Dr. Lombardi was one of the promoters ;o)
No I do not only have no more eye problems, I also eliminated many health problems (and I had a lot!).

For me KC is not just an illness where there is or will be one right medicine or treatment against it. It's a very "tricky" illness where everybody has to find HIS solution.
This is one point why I concentrate myself more on subjects like holistic/ alternative medicine and why the fantastic German KC forum is no more my "favoured" place (you know, I'm no more moderator).

Best Regards



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Date: Tue Jun 13 12:59 AM, 2006

Hello Norbert,
It's interesting that you have moved on from your forum. I think this is a natural evolution... At first we seek out others that can give us comfort or point us in the direction of a cure. But at the end of the day we have to decide for ourselves what is best. In my case this is not the view of the general population.
Who's right? This is not the question... I'm ignorant to the scientific facts surrounding Keraticonus. Really, I feel humbled by the words I hear on all of the forums.
My truth is that I have regained my sight... Mini ark and prof. Lombardi allowed this.
Will it last? Will Prof. Lombardi be happy with my progress at my next visit? Will others attack me as a 'blinded' fool who fell for the mini ark story. Probably...
I think that in the end its about choice... but my ignorant truth is that I can see.
You chose to leave your forum... you chose to eat and live as you wish. You chose to have and deal with a treatment that has many sides. The end truth is that you have had the option to decide...
Internet forums are man made... they are places to seek help and realease emotion. They are not the end of your Keratoconus journey... just the beginning.
Keep in touch Norbert... I only met you for a short time. But you and your family are leaders in understanding that Keratoconus does not need to overtake us.
We all work toward a solution.

All the best Norbert,



Phase Two

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Date: Tue Jun 13 1:28 AM, 2006

Norbert... Hi Mate!

I think Norbert will still be around just as much as before, but now by moderating everyone via email

For someone to work out so much about Keratoconus by himself and pass that great wisdon on which has helped so many people, when the whole world was looking the other way! You need a monument erected for you Nobert!

I think its enjoyable just to read forums and not write... but you will roll your eyes a lot! ... as you know threads could have taken a different a rightful path... its good not caring for a while i think!

-- Edited by QuintriX at 08:33, 2006-06-13

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