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Post Info TOPIC: Presentation on Gene Editing


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Date: Sun Apr 19 11:29 AM, 2020
Presentation on Gene Editing


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Date: Sun Apr 19 11:43 AM, 2020

Its very interesting. The conclusion of a journal article is added and linked below:

In summary, many challenges remain before gene therapy, in its broadest sense, can be used to ameliorate a human corneal dystrophy, and it is entirely possible that patients will never be so treated. However, the technologies continue to evolve, and many of the ethical and societal issues associated with gene editing in particular are being actively addressed at an international level. The greatest benefits of the sophisticated research in the field are likely to be a better understanding of the pathobiology of disease and the development of new cell and animal models of the dystrophies to allow testing of novel but more conventional therapeutic agents. Rather than a failure of translation, research on gene therapy of corneal dystrophies should be regarded as a success.

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