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Post Info TOPIC: Does visual quality vary across different keratoconus contact lenses?


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Date: Sat Apr 11 5:05 PM, 2020
Does visual quality vary across different keratoconus contact lenses?


I know one contact lens type or design does not work for everyone, however what (if any) are the generalisations that can be made in relation to the question, does visual quality vary across different keratoconus contact lenses?

In such things as the Contrast sensitivity in Keratoconus, the Optical quality, Spatial vision, Stereoacuity, Wavefront aberrations.

Thanks in advance!




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Date: Sat Apr 11 5:21 PM, 2020

This study was published in Contact Lens & Anterior Eye, which is a research-based journal covering all aspects of contact lens theory and practice, including original articles on invention and innovations, as well as the regular features of: Case Reports; Literary Reviews; Editorials; Instrumentation and Techniques and Dates of Professional Meetings.

Do visual performance and optical quality vary across different contact lens correction modalities in keratoconus?

Author links open overlay panel Preetam Kumarab Praveen K.Bandel abc Shrikant R.Bharadwaj Bc



While several advanced contact lens (CL) designs are commercially available for vision correction in keratoconus, their visual performance and optical quality, relative to each other and controls remains unclear. This prospective, crossover study tested the hypothesis that these CL designs would have a differential impact on visual performance and optical quality in subjects with advanced keratoconus, but not in early to moderate disease states.



Spatial vision (logMAR acuity and contrast sensitivity), depth vision (stereoacuity) and optical quality (higher-order wavefront aberrations) were measured on 28 bilaterally mild to advanced keratoconics (age: 20–28yrs; 15 males), novice to CL wear, and in 10 age-matched controls using well-established psychophysical and aberrometry techniques. All data were collected on keratoconic subjects with their spectacles and with conventional RGP, Kerasoft®, Rose K2® and Scleral RGP® CL’s in randomized order, atleast a week apart from each other.



All outcome variables deteriorated with keratoconus severity and improved with CL wear, relative to spectacles (p<0.05). This improvement was smaller for Kerasoft CL (p<0.05) and higher but comparable for the other three CL designs (p=0.3), across all disease severity. Visual functions and optical quality outcomes never reached control levels for any correction modality (p<0.05).



Visual performance and optical quality in keratoconus does not appear to improve commensurately with the sophistication of CL design across disease severity. Non-visual factors like quality of CL fit, wearing comfort and cost may therefore drive the choice of CL dispensed in keratoconus more than the performance efficacy of these lenses.


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