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Date: Wed Apr 12 9:56 PM, 2006
Mike's story

For those who dont know, Mike is the first American patient to be operated on with the Mini ARK technique.
He has allowed for his testimonial to be posted on my site. It makes for a very interesting read, his results to date speak for themselves.
Also he has posted corneal topos and a set of post op. photographs. Just follow the testimonial or image resource link on the homepage:

View Mikes update

Thanks again to Mike for sharing his experience.



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Date: Thu Apr 13 5:19 PM, 2006

...20-20 for mike! ...that is such a momumental acheivment! ... for both patient and doctor!

Where is the well wishes from other support groups and their regular posters?... I just don't know whats the matter with these people!!!! (thats a question... are they people??? lol ...may be they are Zombies!!! lol)

Anyway enough about them...


The pictures look really good! point accuratcy ...fantastic! to get your vision working again, when in this "throw away" society they would rather throw away your cornea and give you someone elses! its just the work of blunt mind that do that! ...when in fact it is not needed...

Thank you Hari and Mike for keeping us informed! ... all the best to you guys...

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