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Post Info TOPIC: Topographic Guided Ablation and Corneal Cross Linking together being performed in San Diego


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Date: Wed Mar 20 12:17 AM, 2019
Topographic Guided Ablation and Corneal Cross Linking together being performed in San Diego

Hello all. My name is Dr. Motwani and my practice is in San Diego. I am posting here as I perform topographic guided ablation combined with corneal cross linking to decrease keratoconus caused corneal irregularity and then strengthen the cornea. I believe I am one of the only people in the United States to perform this procedure which was invented and developed by the world-renowned Dr. John Kanellopoulos and is called the Athens Protocol. John is someone I have had many discussions with, and I use his highly developed procedure exclusively. This procedure is the gold standard worldwide for the treatment of Keratoconus, and has the benefit of decreasing the irregularity of the cornea caused by Keratoconus before the CXL strengthening. If the Keratoconus is not too advanced, we can even been able to correct the refraction so a patient does not even need to wear glasses or contacts. We have already successfully treated multiple patients with severe corneal irregularities due to Keratoconus. I published the protocol for repairing corneas with topographic guided ablation in 2017 in Clinical Ophthalmology, and have published multiple papers on the topic of using topographic guided ablation on primary corneas. I work directly with the people at Alcon Surgical/WaveLight lasers, and some of my work is used by them in training other surgeons. We enjoy the challenge of complex cases, recognize the fact that there is a major need for these types of repairs, and that very few doctors in the United States perform these corrections. I do want to help, but unfortunately cannot take the time to be on this forum very often. I can be reached with questions by email at, and my website address is I would be happy to review records before someone wishes to come out to San Diego, and would need topographies, Pentacam, and refractions.

Manoj Motwani, MD

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Date: Tue May 26 1:54 AM, 2020

Absolutely enthralling! thanks for letting us know Dr. Motwani ! smile

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