All of us Vs Keratoconus

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Post Info TOPIC: Risks And Complications In Corneal Cross-Linking


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Date: Wed Jul 25 5:41 AM, 2018
Risks And Complications In Corneal Cross-Linking

"I was diagnosed with Keratoconus last year. My left eye is perfectly fine but my right eye is blurred. When I first said this to my parents they didn't believe it. They were like: "don't worry it will go away on its own". Later my doctor diagnosed it. And he gave me a pair of hard contact lenses. 


It made everything worse. Wearing the lenses itself was a tiring task. When I said tiring I mean it will take even an hour to wear it sometimes. Other than that my eyes were bright red throughout the day and they were dry. I had to deal with them popping out of my eye, losing them and the pain while wearing them. At first, I thought I will get used to it. But eventually, I gave up. 


But when my vision got even worse I went to see another ophthalmologist at an eye and cosmetic clinic in Toronto. The ophthalmologist at that clinic told me about a procedure called  "corneal cross-linking". When I searched more about it I realized that it's a good option. So I went to that clinic and asked if it would be possible for me to have the procedure done. They examined me and said my Keratoconus can be cured by crosslinking. And the procedure took only less than an hour. 

After the procedure, I was given different eyedrops to use daily. The first 2-3 days were uncomfortable with irritation and tears. But eventually, I got better. After a month I began to see this world as beautiful as it is. And corneal cross-linking made it possible."



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Date: Sun Apr 26 7:02 AM, 2020

That is an awesome !

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