All of us Vs Keratoconus

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Date: Wed Feb 14 10:29 AM, 2018

lentilles intraoculaires are medical devices implanted surgically inside the eye in place of the natural ocular lens.

These intraocular implants are used during cataract surgery or vision correction in case of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or intractable disorders by refractive surgery (Lasik) to replace the port glasses or contact lenses.

L’opération de la cataracte  is also an outpatient ocular surgery procedure, which is a good solution for improving vision and treating the many eye abnormalities.




chirurgie esthétique du ventre

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Date: Fri Feb 16 1:56 PM, 2018

lentilles intraoculaires (intraocular lenses (IOLs) in English) have limited usefulness with regard to keratoconus (KC). I have moderate KC in my right eye and moderate to advanced KC in my left eye. I got a pretty good correction for my right eye with glasses and for most of my life I managed my KC with glasses.

A few years ago I developed cataracts, which has symptoms enough like KC that I thought my KC had taken a turn for the worse. My surgeon convinced me to try toric IOLs to attempt to correct the vision despite my KC. In the US, the manufacturer recommends against using their toric lenses if KC is present.

The toric IOL worked for my right eye. I have about 1/4 diopter of astigmatism and 20/20+ distance uncorrected vision. I use custom reading glasses with a +1.75D sphere and 1/4D cylinder for the right eye.

The left eye did not work out so well. KC makes it hard to make the measurement used to determine the IOL power. They missed by about 4D in the left eye. This makes me hyperopic in my left eye, unable to focus at any distance (beyond farsighted). Having a 4D difference between eyes makes me anisometropic, which is another indication for contact lenses. So I finally had to overcome my strong aversion to contact lenses from earlier efforts to fit me. Fortunately contact lenses for KC have come a long way in the 25 years since I last tried them. I was successfully fit with a contact lens for my left eye and I have about 20/25 vision in the left eye. They did manage to correct all the astigmatism in my left eye with the IOL. There is no cylinder in my contact lens. Had they managed to get the sphere right, I am pretty sure I would still have had the double image (ghosting) that so many KC patients have. The question is whether I would have tolerated it or, because one of the images would have been in focus, would I have needed a 0 power contact lens just to get rid of the ghost?

Anyway, based on my experience, I wouldn't recommend clear lens exchange (cataract surgery without cataracts) for a KC patient. If you have KC and develop cataracts, you might want to consider toric IOLs if you have KC that is mild enough to be corrected with glasses. But understand that IOLs are not going to help with ghosting and might even make it more annoying. Also know that your KC will make it more difficult to get the correct power for your IOLs. Try to find a surgeon with experience with doing cataract surgery in the presence of KC. Also, try to take a look at what they come up with for IOL power. With hindsight, I think the difference in IOL spherical power between my eyes should have been a warning that they needed to do the measurements again. If my eyes really had that much difference in spherical power, I think I would have been aware of it long before I had cataracts. If you need contact lenses before cataract surgery, I think it is likely you will need them after.

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