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Post Info TOPIC: Keratoconous intacs

Date: Fri Nov 17 9:03 AM, 2017
Keratoconous intacs

Hi all, 

I have done the intact procedure in my right eye last week, however my left eye is very weak and I see absolutely nothing. My right has been in the beginning of the process of keratoconus, so it was the best option to operate the right eye to save it from getting worse. However I am super worries since I still do not have any clear vision yet and most of the people posting say they have a sharp vision after 3 days of the operation. I can barely read a paper and I get a super headache after a long day of trying to read (since Im still at university). 

I am using two drops right now for 4 weeks, Ciloxan and Flarex. I wanted to ask if anyone had passed from these same symptoms of having a very long recovery and if you used any soft lenses after surgery. Also maybe someone could post what should I do and what no should I do ( for example using the laptop, avoiding smoking areas, squeezing your eye to try and see better, etc... )




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Date: Sat Nov 18 1:40 AM, 2017

Who was the surgeon ? I would have thought it was best not to distrub the good eye but try the bad eye with a corrective intervention - still its early days with the recovery.

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