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Post Info TOPIC: DIY tips for eye reducing eye redness


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Date: Thu Sep 28 1:00 PM, 2017
DIY tips for eye reducing eye redness

Hi, my eyes have been red for the past three days. I cleaned my eyes using saline water but it didn't show any difference in the situation. In the morning,  my eyes were irritated to light. I am not able to read or watch anything. Once I start reading, tears are filled in my eyes. I am planning to consult an ophthalmologist in Toronto. But will this redness spread from one person to another? Should I take any preventive measure to avoid spreading?


Should I give any vaccination to my children to prevent them? If I am consulting the ophthalmologist, will it be cured with no time? Am I supposed to go out to sunlight? Is there any DIY tips that can be used to reduce this redness. Is this a symptom of vision loss?


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Date: Fri Sep 29 5:31 PM, 2017

I would get in to see an ophthalmologist ASAP. There could be many reasons for red eyes. We certainly cannot diagnose this over the internet. Try to avoid touching your eyes in case there is an infection. Wash your hands frequently and every time after you touch your face. Try to avoid touching others, especially near their eyes. If light irritates your eyes, avoid it and wear dark glasses.

Most likely this is a minor problem that can be cleared up quickly. But you need to be seen by an ophthalmologist to make that call. Try to get in today, not next week.

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