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Post Info TOPIC: My story after PRK+CXL for both eyes


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Date: Wed Nov 16 3:15 PM, 2016
My story after PRK+CXL for both eyes



I'm Ahmed, 29 from Egypt.

I was diagnosed with keratoconus in March 2015 in both eyes (Right eye grade 2 - left eye grade 1).


I don't like to wear glasses so in the age of 23 I was supposed to wear one so I put it for like one month and then kept it in the home.

But my vision started to go down with years so I went to the Optometrist and he said I've two ways to go first to wear glasses and the other way is to do KC treatment.

I went to another Optometrist after I read about the KC's treatments, found this forum and started to read about the PRK + CXL stories.

I took the decision I'll do the surgery and  the Optometrist agreed to do it. (I did it in Egypt)

This is my pentacam before the surgery (March 12th, 2015)




I won't go in details what happened during and post surgery. There are the same procedures and for post surgery as I remembered I saw everything clear with little blur after 1 month.

After that my vision started to go better and better (6/6 in both eyes), light sensitivity wasn't an issue after 3 months, the only problem continued with me I still seeing another line while watching TV and reading the news headlines (It doesn't bother me it's negligible as the picture is very clear only when reading I see it) and blur while looking at lamp post.

Optive eye drops is my wife (Every 4-6 hours) :) because of dry eyes.

Other than those problems everything were great and I was very happy about the results. Every time I checked with the Optometrist my eyes were fine (6/6)
So I continued without any glasses, did another 2 Pentacam after 3 months and 6 months.

June 2015



October 2015





After that I didn't do another pentacam and everything was stable until 2 months back.

I started to feel some pressure in my eyes especially my right eye and my vision started to go down I thought this was something will go when my eye pressure settle but It doesn't.

So I want to Optometrist yesterday and I did a vision test I got these results:

Right eye:

Sphere: - 1.00

Cylinder: - 2.50

Axis: 145 Degree


Left eye:

Sphere: - 0.50

Cylinder: - 0.75

Axis: 25 degree


IPD 63 & BCVA for both eyes are 1.0

(Note: The device that use to determine the vision based on the image (house) results were different from these results because the pressure still in my eyes)

I still got 6/6 with the tested lenses, so I'll wear the glasses to keep things stable for now and I'll do another pentacam this month then the Optometrist will decide will I do another CXL or not.


I think I'll need another CXL for my right eye because I feel the treatment doesn't go well with it :(


I'm here and happy to answer any question related to my surgery?


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Date: Fri Nov 18 7:59 PM, 2016

Hi Ahmed,

I have not had CXL, so there is a lot I don't know about it. But as I understand it, CXL is to stabilize the KC, not correct it. I mention that because reading your post made me think you might have been expecting some visual improvement from the CXL.

As far as I know, CXL is only done once to an eye. I would research carefully before considering retreating an eye with CXL.

Do you wear contact lenses? Your vision test actually seems pretty good and you might get by without glasses or contact lenses. But well fit contact lenses might improve your vision quite a bit.



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Date: Sat Nov 19 12:10 PM, 2016

Hi Jim You're right CXL is to stabilize the KC not correct the vision but you may still have a little improvement after CXL cause it will strength the eye. What made my vision improve was the PRK and I did it when my eyes thinkness was good enough to stand the PRK. If you ask me about my opinion I'll encourage you to do it if you're grade 1 or 2 and also go for the PRK if your eyes thickness are good for the surgery. Regarding one eye at a time I did PRK & CXL for both eyes in the same day



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Date: Sat Nov 19 12:16 PM, 2016

Sorry I forget about my vision test acutally I'll wear glasses because my right eye vision not doing well right now :( But before that my vision was 6/6 in both eyes but the problem is KC in my right eyes didn't stop and still progressing

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