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Post Info TOPIC: Question about skin care


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Date: Sat Mar 18 1:31 AM, 2006
Question about skin care

I'm curious... in terms of skin care, what risks to things like facials, plastic surgery, botox, etc pose to people with KC? Are there certain things/procedures to be avoided? It seems like men and women are being bombarded to take better care of their skin. Or maybe it is just living in Los Angeles. Again, just curious. And maybe a little vain. :)

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Matt R


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Date: Sat Mar 18 1:50 PM, 2006
RE: Question

i haven't heard anything about that at all mate... however i DO know that i have allergies so some skin care products irritate my skin, and sometimes may affect my eyes if they get itchy... but that's about all i can think of.

have a great weekend!!!

yeup... it's me. :p

Date: Sat Mar 18 4:08 PM, 2006
RE: Question about skin care

The topic title of just the word "Question" was too general as it is does not describe the topic enough ... its been changed to add "about skin care", so the title reflects the topic more...

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Date: Wed Oct 3 2:59 AM, 2007

Hi there...

to reiterate what has been said before; I don't know of any link between skin care and KC. I gues the only thing that would come to mind is to avoid irritating skin care priduct ingredients (such as those found in some types of sunscreen or women's make-up) whch may induce eye necessary eye rubbing!! (as you may already know there is a popular theory that suggests a strong link between KC and eye rubbing).

On another (and rather unrelated note) if you are really interested in learning more about healthy and accurate facts about skin care I would strongly suggest a book called "they Beauty Bible" by Paula Begoun. Now although the book seems to be highly targeted towards women and a female audience, I have to admit that I have foudn the book thoroughly informative as it expalins many medical and commerical facts , that relate to the skin care industry with honest and well conducted research. I think you would find the book very useful even if you have never touched a skin care product in your whole life!



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Date: Fri Apr 10 9:33 PM, 2020

What is on the link is below

Cornea: December 2019 - Volume 38 - Issue 12 - p 1524-1530



To explore the relationship between keratoconus (KC) and psoriasis.


One hundred ten eyes of 55 patients with psoriasis (study group, SG) and 110 eyes of age–sex-matched 55 healthy volunteers (control group, CG) were included in the study. All cases underwent a detailed dermatological and ophthalmological examination including corneal topography. Moreover, Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) scoring of the patients was carried out in the SG. A thorough comparison of pachymetric, aberrometric, and topometric values between the groups was performed, and the results were interpreted. A 2 test, Mann–Whitney U test, and Pearson correlation test were used for statistical assessment.


Although the average Kmax (44.6 in the SG; 44.5 in the CG; P = 0.613) and Belin/Ambrósio enhanced ectasia total deviation value (1.34 in SG; 1.20 in CG; P = 0.880) were similar between the groups, the mean index of vertical asymmetry value in the SG (0.14 mm) was significantly higher than that in the CG (0.11 mm) (P = 0.041). Moreover, 28 eyes from 16 patients with psoriasis were found to be associated with KC because 26 of those 28 eyes were KC suspects and 2 of them were definite KC. A positive correlation was found among topometric parameters, especially between duration of the disease and PASI score. A negative correlation was discovered between topometric parameters and the early beginning of psoriasis.


Serious changes in topography maps may occur in psoriatic patients. The changes were found to be more evident in the presence of a higher PASI score and the early beginning and longer duration of the disease. The results hinted a potential relationship between psoriasis and KC.

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