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Date: Mon May 2 9:14 AM, 2016
keratoconus improved

Hello everyone,



I had blurry vision in my left eye since 2011 but did not go to the doctor.



i was diagnosed with keratoconus in january 2015. i had moderate keratonus in my left eye and mild keratoconus in my right eye.



my left eye was far worse than my right.

 my vision got slightly worse till july 2015. so, i had crosslinking done in both my eyes followed by excimer laser finishing in india.



my sight improved drastically over the next few months. 



However, i started to notice that my vision in the left eye got slightly blurry again.



 I started to take vitamin d3 supplements along with magnesium citrate(my d3 level was found to be critically low) ... i saw improvement in my sight again. 



this has made me realise that vitamin d deficiency is probably one of  the root causes of my keratoconus



Apart from supplements, i also changed my lifestyle. i have started to eat more vegetables, fruit and legumes.


i also drink fresh carrot juice every morning.



Also, i exercise 5 times a week for 30 mins.(i can see more clearly after a workout)



And, as per the doctor's advice, i have to use eubri eye drops for the next five years thrice a day.



have a nice day!


Date: Sun Feb 4 10:31 AM, 2018

Hey Please tell me your current status of keratoconus. Is ur keratoconus totally reversed? Now can u see properly ?? For how long u take vit d3 supplement?



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Date: Wed Feb 28 5:16 AM, 2018

I see a lot of posts related to KC and Vitamin D3 + Magnesium Citrate floating around claiming to improve eyesight. I am not sure how many such cases are really true and factually verified. I have had KC since 2006 with CXL + TCAT done on both my eyes. Its been nearly 8 years and I have now progressed from RGP to Scleral lenses because the other lenses could no longer give me vision without substantial ghosting. Though its been a year since I had a topography done which indicated a stable cornea without any progression, the same is not true for my vision though. With and without glasses my vision is relatively poor. I do know the results are non deterministic and varies from person to person, but like every patient with KC I was hopeful of seeing some improvement in my eyesight. Over the years my glasses prescription changed with not much or no improvements at all. However with Scleral lenses my vision is really very good. Getting them on and off is easy but one needs to have the entire lens kit if traveling or commuting for long hours which is cumbersome.

I was bitter and surprised with my glasses not giving me improved eyesight , rather deteriorating over a period of time. I have made peace with all that. My screen font sizes have gotten bigger and bigger and squinting for clarity with glasses have become a norm. Oh yes! the vitamins and Magnesium-- I have been taking them for 2 years along with boiled eggs and my vision is no better now than when I started!.



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Date: Mon Jul 23 7:08 AM, 2018

Thank you for sharing your story. Will try it implement everything you said in my diet.



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Date: Fri Jan 4 6:53 PM, 2019


Look up the paper "Spectrum of Darkness, Agent of Light" on Google, etc.  For a useful response to vitamin D, there has to be an adequate blood level obtained and that sometimes requires a surprisingly large supplementation (by current common standards, anyway).


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