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Post Info TOPIC: Keratoconus + 20/20 vision without contacts/glasses?

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Date: Mon Dec 4 5:22 PM, 2017
Keratoconus + 20/20 vision without contacts/glasses?

Hopefully Dr. G will stop by with a more definitive answer. As long as the lenses don't cause a corneal scratch, I think the changes in shape are almost always reversible. You probably won't be able to tolerate a lens that could make an irreversible change long enough for that to occur.

As for the stability of vision with Kerasoft IC, did they try a reasonable number of the trial lenses? Fitters who haven't fully "bought in" to the unconventional Kerasoft fitting procedure tend to fit too steep a base curve. A lot of fits are with flatter base curves than you would expect when compared to what would be used with other lens types. Did your fitter consider sector management control (SMC)? For difficult cases, the base curve can be varied at different places around the lens. If you want to learn more about how a Kerasoft lens should be fit, this is not too hard to follow:

Was you vision instability before and after a blink? If so, that should be something that a change in base curve will help.

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