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Date: Sun Mar 12 6:34 PM, 2006
Artemis 2

This is the best machine there is to detect kc  or more so (20-20 kc) sub-clinical kc as currently defined...

...because your cornea can be completely flat and you can still have kc... this machine can detect kc in a completely flat cornea!!!!!!!!!!... very useful (vital) for pre-screening for laser! many many times kc is not detected which means Kera-elastia for those who under-gone laser where their kc was missed in the pre-screening for it.

At the moment if they see a cone... thats when they call it kc... by that time its too late... needing to everything we know about in kc! 

So whats in the pipe-line is... the early detection of kc... and the early use of X linking to avoid all thses problems which currently KC patients has to face...

I strongly suspect from this new development that kc is found to be more common than previouly though, and the only way they can treat 20-20 kc from getting worse is, with x linking... and also not to rub or wear contacts before they have been treated with the x linking treatment may be the advice given. 

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Date: Sun Mar 12 8:51 PM, 2006

This is a very exciting stage that Keratoconus treatment has found itself at. The ability to discover KC positively before it has the chance to do its damage will change the course of this stubborn disease.
Its still early days but this is very interesting stuff. I found another article regarding Artemis 2. Interesting enough it is written by the same doctor that wrote a paper on the possibility of KC returning to donor corneas.
Here the link:

Artemis 2

Keep on this tigers tail Quintrix could very well be the next big step.



Date: Sun Mar 12 9:33 PM, 2006

I wanted to cheak out where my KC was at, as you know other ways for example to test corneal thickness are not accurate and have limitations, so i am going to get tested with the Artemis 2, i'll write about it in due course (it costs around 750 Euro's to get both eyes tested).

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Date: Sun Mar 19 10:40 PM, 2006

Yea I see now, it's ultrasound or ultrasonic. It is very and very good stuff. Seems to be very sensitive for inhomogeneties.
Thanks, guys, for posting this.


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Date: Wed May 24 2:18 AM, 2006

OKay... I got some time to write about my tests with the Artemis.

As I know i have kc the tests was not to find kc as the Artemis is really good at detecting kc even if there is no visable signs of it... What I wanted to find out was, what the true thickness readings for my corneas where. The reason for this is because the usual ways they test for thickness are limited and also not accurate as the Artemis. And so from this information i could see if i was in the range for the straight forward 30 min crosslinking treatment.

The results where conclusive that my left eye which is effected by kc more is well in the range for crosslinking at 416 microns and my better eye is of normal to high thickness, which ranges 500 to 600 microns! 

My left eye is regular in astigmitisum and so refraction is very much still possible (even though my kc is more advanced in that eye), my right eye has irregular astigmitisum, which only touches very slightly on to my pupil and so the view out of that eye is very good.

After the Artemis tests, the eye specialisats i went to see have got me back to seeing 20-20 with glasses ...which is not bad when i was told that glasses can not be used by me, by the optician at the hospital who tried me for glasses after i was diagnosed with kc.

Then after that the story is that i was tried for contacts... which i hated, and my eyes as well!... and when i found out that me an contact lenses was not liking each other... i was told in a "small talk" sort of way that a transplant is what is on offer! ...i thought to myself... what an absolute fippant, care free remark to make! (even though it was a friendly chat about things in general we was having)... Anyway it was clear to me that there was room for other treatments from that point on-wards... and as they say the rest in history and here i am typing away on this post!

So when Dr's says that there are no choices... its contact lenses or transplants... I know it is not TRUE.. as i avoided both!!!!

Anyway going back to the tests i had... it seems that any progression of kc can be picked with this machine sooner than any other method, during a given time interval between each test. BTW my kc has not progressed for four years.

Anyway, I was told that i have a very high chance of getting out of glasses if i have crosslinking done to both my eyes.

There was a whole lot of diagrams and readings that the Artemis produced, which have been filed away until i find the time to do it all over again!

BTW your eye's really does feel really good when you take you eyes out of the Artemis... as the tests are done with your eyes in water!

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