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Post Info TOPIC: TPRK and CXL at bochner

Date: Tue Dec 29 10:21 PM, 2015
TPRK and CXL at bochner

I've had KC really bad in my left eye since I was 18 if I can remember correctly. I'M currently 25 and was told it was progressing in my right eye. So I did a lot of research like most poeple with this condition do and in my opinion the TPRK and CXL was the best treatment for me. I was guided towards Bochner EYE institution in Toronto. They received what information I had on my eye over email since I live in B.C Canada. I had my Op booked for Dec 10. Its now been almost 3 weeks and I'm happy I went with them. I obviously have seen the horror stories about all procedures making things worse or people just not being happy. I was all caught up on these few bad stories but I believe they are isolated incidences. Bochner did great job. My good eye only had the CXL done on it and I was seeing back to normal just with slight ghosting within 3 days. Since then the ghosting is going away slowly everyday. My bad eye which had the TPRK and CXL done is not perfect. But I can now read signs with it and I regained my depth perception back. I remember my last eye test before the OP. I did not know there was even a big letter "E" on the board when he tested my Left eye. As for the Bochner and the customer service I received... I was happy. They do get you in and get you out. But they told me everything I needed. These people are not god and can not predict the out come of everything. They accommodated me in every way possible and I can not have ask for anymore. I do have a long road ahead for my bad eye to settle down and I'll post up as much number as I can come across. But overall my eye sigh has improved within only a few days. I may never be perfect in my bad eye but I can now use it.



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Date: Fri Jul 24 5:32 PM, 2020

So glad for you in regards to your improved sight and that you can function more normally instead of being in the blighted world you was stuck in! Hip Hip Hooray!

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