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Post Info TOPIC: KC progression with contacts


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Date: Mon Nov 30 9:51 PM, 2015
KC progression with contacts

I was dx with KC last Jan but the optometrist wasn't sure if it was progressive or because of th old brand of contacts. I've been wearing the new brand contacts all year but recently noticed my left eye (the one with KC) has repeatedly been annoyed with the contact to the point of blurred vision and pain. I have put in new contacts and each had the same effect. In your experience is this something that would be explained by the progression of KC? These are regular day/night contacts. I'm going to make an eye appt with the doc but wanted to get a feel from others with KC first. :) TIA


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Date: Mon Jul 27 5:54 PM, 2020

A cornea/refractive/opthamologists clinic is a better place to go because they would have a corneal topographer (and of pentacam/orbscan level) and can check for the corneas thickness and any changes there of, if any. Good Luck.

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