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Post Info TOPIC: Corneal neuralgia after crosslinking


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Date: Sun Jul 5 10:45 AM, 2015
Corneal neuralgia after crosslinking

Thought I would share my experiences post epi off crosslinking on left eye. Basically there is a risk your doctors don!t tell you about. The debridement of the cornea that take place for crosslinking can  and in my case did cause permanent nerve damage.

for seven months now I have had pain in my eye, feeling wind sensation on my eye and in the last three weeks developed numbness on the left side of my face . I get acupuncture every two weeks but no cure. I now have suicidal thoughts because it is always there and I blame myself for going for the crosslinking even though my keratoconus is mild. My sight is 20/30 with glasses in each eye and I would prefer rubbish sight than the constant pain.

my eye surgeon has never come across this before and I have now been referred to a neurologist.

surgery is very serious so unless you really need to do it, don,t do it ...



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Date: Sun Jul 5 3:20 PM, 2015

I hope this clears up soon. It sounds like something a lasik patient may experience although CXL is not as invasive by any margin or used to correct visual errors. Do you have dry eyes ?

Crosslinking is used for progression. Was your KC progressing ?

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