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Post Info TOPIC: Having problems from Epi-On


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Date: Tue May 5 2:36 PM, 2015
Having problems from Epi-On

I had epi on done for ectasia here in the states on me left eye nearly 6 months ago and am having some really bad side effects. They put riboflavin drops in eye for an hour with a sponge on top of eye to help absorption and than put the uv light on eye for 30 mins. Unlike the epi-off I had done on other eye 2 years prior using the avedro uv light and protocol, this light was BRUTAL on my eyes. It was like staring into the sun for 30 mins and was extremely blinding and painful. They have since replaced it with the Avedro light and claim the only difference is a quicker time. I have noticed since having this done I have insane light sensitivity issues. The exposure of ambient light is much stronger and what is by far the worst is the glare and starbursts, which are blinding and make night vision a nightmare. When looking into any outdoor lights at night such as car lights or street lamps, the center of the light is like a laser pointer being shun in my eye it is SO bright, and the halo and star bursts are very stretched and painful as well. My eye also feels constantly irritated like I have been out in sun all day, a slight burning sensation. My doctor seemed to not know what was going on and prescribed me lotemax, a mild steroid, suggesting I might still have inflammation. These did seem to help but I wasted to many drops and ran out after 2 weeks at which point the lights came back full force. I was declined a refill. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Could it be inflammation? Or could it be permanent eye damage from the terrible uv light they used on me? Since I am now 6 months out, I am concerned whatever happened is permanent. I should also note my vision has gotten worst as well. I went from 20/20 to 20/25 and so far no clear indication the operation has even halted progression. Any input would be appreciated as this was the only good eye I had left since the epi-off procedure took my other eye from 20/25 to 20/60 with residual haze. I work as a 3d artist a d if I loose my ability to see clearly I am completely FUKED..


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Date: Tue Sep 1 7:02 PM, 2020

Unfortunately this is a variant of the Standard Crosslinking which there is long term studies for and which is approved by the FDA. Therefore its difficult to say what the prognosis might be as the data is sketchy. However the cut of point for recovery is not always at the 6 month mark where the cornea is concerned and there may be more time to go yet. Do follow your Doctors advice. Best regards.

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