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Post Info TOPIC: Is there a link between Kerataconus & head trauma?


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Date: Sun Mar 1 9:29 AM, 2015
Is there a link between Kerataconus & head trauma?

Hello everyone, this may sound like a really dumb question but I'm going to go ahead and ask it anyway because it is something I truely believe in. Does anyone have any personal experiences where they feel some form of head trauma has caused/aggravated their Kerataconus? Personally, I had no indication of Keratconus before I had a major car accident nearly a year ago. I copped some fairly significant head trauma when my head was rebounded off the windows of my car after which I fell unconscious. Fast forward about 4 months and I'm diagnosed with KC. I've asked my optometrist and my ophthalmologist if they believe in a link between the two and they both basically have the same response; there's a possibility, but no confirmed evidence. I do know of 2 other people with similar stories but don't know if that's purely coincidental or if there is anyone else out there who can relate?


Date: Tue Mar 3 7:21 PM, 2015

Weird you should say that. I have been subclinical for 5 years or so. Playing rugby last year and got knocked out. Since then it progressed and my ghosting really developed. Could be a coincidence.

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