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Post Info TOPIC: Diagnosed last week & pregnant

Date: Wed Feb 18 9:29 PM, 2015
Diagnosed last week & pregnant

Hi everyone, I would like to share my very recent diagnosis and hope to get some feedback.

I just got diagnosed with keratoconus last week at the age of 27. My right eye shows corneal scarring and has developed rather intense streaking of light over the last 5 months: a pin-shaped light source emits a stripe of light in the lower-right direction. It's at the point where i don't trust myself to drive at night.  Watching tv can also be frustrating, especially when a face is half-light, half-dark, which gives a very distorted result, and i'm starting to notice a shadow effect while reading. My left eye is not giving any troubled vision yet thankfully, but the topological scan showed that it also has the signs.

Then a few days later i found out i was pregnant (my husband and i had just started trying). And then I read that pregnancy can worsen kc progression, and crosslinking is out of the question for the coming year :( So right now i'm pretty gloomy, and my hormones aren't helping. 

Can anyone share their experience about how much kc can progress in a year, or what the effect of pregnancy is? I'm most afraid of not being able to read, which would make my job impossible, and my other hobbies (painting and watching way too many tv series) are also visually oriented.

I've also been wondering how long I've had KC. The light streaking has only emerged in the last 5 months, but I've been wearing glasses for nearsightedness since I was 17 (prescription of around -2.5, changed a few times). I thought at first that this could mean I might have been correcting for KC all that time, but I'm not sure if the type of glasses for KC and nearsightedness are of the same type. Does anyone know this?

One more question: how well can light-streaking be corrected with contact lenses, and are lenses still an option because of the corneal scarring on my right eye? To give an idea of the length of the streaking: the moon gives a clear streak with a length of around 2.5x its own diameter.

I should have discussed a lot of this with the eye doctor last week, but I was just kind of stunned. She wants to wait 3 months to monitor the progression with another topological scan, and mentioned crosslinking as an option (although the pregnancy will likely delay this for at least a year?).  


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Date: Tue Aug 25 9:07 PM, 2020

To say the least its unpredictable however all you can do is follow the advice of your eye Doctor at this stage.

Train yourself to think more towards the long term because there is no quick solution although you can be treated effectively enough to live a close to normal life as possible. Best wishes.

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