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Post Info TOPIC: Advice for comfortable RGP lenses


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Date: Sat Dec 20 11:33 PM, 2014
Advice for comfortable RGP lenses

Here, everyone who wants, will give advice for comfortable RPG lenses. (wiki:

I begin:

I am 26 - 27 years old, I hope that keratoconus does not develop anymore... From 18 years old, my eyes have seen only with RPG lenses. Fortunately, with RPG lenses, I can reach about 20/25 (8/10) - 20/20 (10/10) visual acuity in both eyes and so I can do everything. In left eye, the lens becomes comfortable from the fist seconds and can be comfortable for about 30 - 35 hours (I am talking about a possible international airplane travel). But right eye has problem. After a few hours it becomes red, wants to throw the lens away and the eyelids become closer. So, my advice:

1) Wash out - clean the lenses very carefully, very effectively and very often. There are cleaners and conditioners especially designed for RPG lenses. After a few hours (5-6), if your eyelids become closer, your eye red and it wants to throw away the lens, then you can wash out the lens very effectively with cleaner and after 10 - 20 minutes you can wear again the lens. In this time, it will be comfortable, and maybe you will be able to wear it for additional 5-6 hours.

2) Don't rub - grate your eye. The edge - angle which is nearest the nose, is the most possible part of eye which will want to be rubbed. Never do it. The rare you do it, the more comfortable will be the lens.

3) Sleep enough... If you sleep 7 - 9 hours, (no less - no more), your eyes will not be exhausted and they will welcome the lenses.

4) Try to fall asleep at about 21:30 - 22:00... It is the best time...

Please, give your advice.

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Date: Wed Sep 2 7:39 AM, 2020

I hope you have got the problem with your right eyes lens comfort level solved more readily without too much trouble like you have had. 

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