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Post Info TOPIC: Day 2 with my scleral lens!!!!!!!


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Date: Sun Nov 9 5:20 AM, 2014
Day 2 with my scleral lens!!!!!!!

Hi everyone!

Im glad to find a place where I can relate to others! This past summer I found out I have keratoconus in my right eye (legally blind in that eye with out glasses), and "normal" astigmatism in my left eye.

Im 33 and went my whole life basically just seeing from my left eye, I wore glasses very little as a child, then stopped completely as a teen, suffered horrible headaches and finally started wearing glasses again when I could afford them on my own in my early 20's. This summer I went in to see if I was a candidate for laser eye surgery. They told me only in my "good" eye and that my left eye had kertoconus and couldnt be helped, they were able to diagnose this from the topography, and because it was a consultation it was free. 

I was able to get a new pair of glasses thanks to the Gift of Sight foundation. At my eye appointment I asked my doctor about my right eye. It was maybe luck but mostly I think it was fate that had me meet this doc. She told me about her other job that specialized in scleral toric lens, and only 20mins away from where I live.

It took me almost a year to go in for a free consultation. They fit me with a sample lens that day, and told me they could order right there for a down payment of $500. I was terrified to spend this money but just point it on a credit card and hoped for the best. Initially I was going to get the scleral lens in my right eye and a soft contact in the left to save on the cost. I ended up getting both scleral lens just to simplify. The place I went was really amazing They broke up the payments for me and also provide a 90 day guarantee!!!!! If it doesnt work out all but $300, I believe will be refunded according to my paperwork. This experience has really given me so much gratitude and hope. I've had about 4 visits and one more next week and the cost has been about $1,500, not including all the eye drops and cleaning solutions. The eye Dr. has told me that these lens should last about 3years.

There was a point for me where I was so frustrated with my eye and the money and the whole process that I almost gave up. One of the assistance shared two stories with me. The oldest patient and the youngest patient. The oldest was a 95 year old women with one eye. All she wanted to do was watch the broncos game, so she got her one lens! The other was a 5 year old boy that was so happy and determined that he was able to put the lens in his eye all by himself! Hard for me to believe but does make me feel better

Today I was my second day in them I wore them for about 8 hours, and my vision is amazing! I never noticed that I shy- ed away from looking at anyone head on before it was always at an angle sort of hiding my "bad" eye. Putting them in is a big process and I still need a numbing drop to get them in. When I take them out its very difficult because they feel sealed to eye by the end of the day. My right eye is very red and tender for about an hour afterward.  

As a fulltime student and single mom of two kids I find my self doubting that I should be spending this on myself at this time but then again when would I? I feel like its happened in this way for a reason, its all on a credit card and Im giving it a try for the next 88 days. 

Thank you reading and this place to share my stories and read others experience!!!!!!!! :)


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Date: Fri Nov 14 6:16 AM, 2014

Mapleton, its good to hear from you be it under the difficult circumstances of KC!Sclerals are well worth it if they work.In the end may be just a tweak may be needed to loosen or tighten the fit.

The advantages of scleral lenses include the ability to completely clear the corneal surface, provide good centration and stable visual acuity. The disadvantages may include increased difficulty with respect to application and removal of larger diameter lenses but an technique can be taught.

Well done and Good luck



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