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Post Info TOPIC: Diagnosed with KCToday- confused

Date: Thu Oct 30 8:45 PM, 2014
Diagnosed with KCToday- confused

Hi all I just found out I have KC today. Very confused since I am 38 and never thought I had it and no eye doctor ever mentioned it as a possible cause for the severe astigmatism I have had since I was 5! I have worn soft contact lenses (toric) for over 20 years and every year went to the doctor for an annual check up, got new lenses and went on my way. This last year however, I notice more blurry vision and more difficult time at the computer with the contacts on. Since I don't have a baseline of good or bad vision (it's always been bad), I chalked it up to bad lens material and waiting for my yearly check up this week. What a shock when I couldn't read anything doing the standard eye exam and the doctor going "better or worse". "One or three". He immediately referred me to a cornea specialist and literally 3 hours ago I saw graphs with a lot of reds and orange circles. It didn't like good and the diagnosis wasn't either. Not only KC, but in advanced stages. I am slightly in shock I suppose. Maybe I am so used to bad vision I never noticed the changes? But after reading up on KC it seems for the last 20 years I have been covering up the symptoms with my soft lenses and since that was sufficient, I never complained or my body slowly professed to this stage of KCwothout me or any doctor noticing. So now the confusion and sorry for venting. The specialist said I'm a board line candidate for CXL but should try it since it may stop this to avoid the cornea grafts. Right eye worse than left. After the CXL then hopefully new hard lenses or maybe even back to my soft. (Never had any lens rejection issues!) But reading on CXL I'm seeing the pros and cons about epi on and epi off. My specialist is in the epi on camp for his studies. But a lot of debate on utlitity...I also may be too thin for an epi off but need help from you all on what you've learned before I shell out a lot of money for a procedure like epi on. Thanks again for listening. I think I'm still processing all of this and don't know where to turn.



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Date: Sat Nov 1 1:35 AM, 2014

Well, its best to go somewhere where they do most of the options, as CXL can be used with most of the correction methods.

You are in a way lucky as things have got better in the options department.

Dont fear KC, if anything it can be treated and you may have to wear contacts of some kind, but do look in to any of the other options as well before deciding on CXL alone.

This is because everyones KC different and its a matter of customizing the treatment to your KC for the best out come and final vision.

Best of luck

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