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Post Info TOPIC: My Scleral Lens Fitting Experience with Dr. Gemoules

Date: Mon Jun 30 4:35 PM, 2014
My Scleral Lens Fitting Experience with Dr. Gemoules

I have moderate keratoconus in both eyes. My cones ride low below my corneas giving me manageable vision in glasses, but with awful ghosting, haloing, and starburst that get worse at night.

I first tried RGP lenses for 2 days and while vision improved, the ghosting and halos remained and the comfort was just awful.

I decided to fly to Texas and see Dr. Gemoules at Coppell Family Eye Care. After 8 business days with him, I return home with a set of lenses that give me 20/20 minus vision, without almost any ghosting, halos, or starbursts! The trip to see Dr. G won’t come cheap, but odds are you will walk away with a comfortable set of scleral lenses that dramatically reduce your aberrations and improve your vision. His staff will help you deal with your insurance, but they do not participate in some networks.

My lenses are not yet “perfect” and I will probably see Dr. G again to fine tune them further to get perfect 20/20 vision. To compare them to my glasses or RGP’s is like night and day. Just having the ghosting and starbursts gone is amazing. I honestly did not think I would ever solve that problem, but Dr. G was able to get rid of close to 85% of my aberrations. I do still miss a few letters on the 20/20 line, but vision is sharper than I remember it being in a long time and the lenses are very comfortable, thanks to Dr. G’s many years of experience treating post-surgical eyes.


The secret to Dr. G’s results is his own patented process for fitting lenses using custom CAD design vs the traditional trial lens model. This allows him to get superb fit and vision. He then uses Wavefront technology within the contact lens to reduce higher order aberrations. I suspect Dr. G is an engineer at heart and a doctor by trade. If you want to explore one of the most innovative contact lens guru’s out there who is likely to get you results, I strongly recommend exploring Dr. G before you consider a more expensive option like the Boston Foundation for Sight.


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Glad it worked out well and hope you continued success!

We are all patients or will be (!) So put patients first!
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