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Post Info TOPIC: Should I decide on my own for crosslinking or wait ?


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Date: Fri Feb 21 11:06 PM, 2014
Should I decide on my own for crosslinking or wait ?

I have a Keratoconus stage I in my left eye. I went to the clinic and based on topography they say they suggest to wait more time (3 months or more) to see if the cornea will be thinner and if so, do the crosslinking.

Should I do it their way, wait period of time and then maybe maybe not do the crosslinking, or should I decide on my own and go right away to crosslinking ?

I am worry if I wait more time, my vision will be worst, and KC can move to stage II.


I am 25 y. o. if that helps

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Date: Sat Feb 22 11:10 PM, 2014

This at the end of the day is a personal choice depends on each persons comfort zone. Some may wish to wait and some may wish to go ahead before progression is detected (particularly if they are more young in age). Its been deemed that Epi off crosslinking is for progressive Keratoconus once progression is detected. So the clinic was being prudent in its advice to you. Epi on Crosslinking has less risks but there is less crosslinking too. Some people are more "comfortable" with trying Epi on crosslinking first of all...and if still there is progression to their Keratoconus, they then opt for Epi off crosslinking.



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Date: Mon Mar 17 8:08 AM, 2014

I was in a similar position last year. My first doctor wanted me to wait 6 months to check progression but I did not want to wait and met another doctor from cxlusa. I got epi-on done, it's been about 7 months. The doctor says the cornea is stable and day time vision outdoors is better but I feel night time ghosting is slightly worse than before. At the end of the day it's your decision since cross linking is still a new procedure and not completely understood. I'm not sure if I helped or confused you even further. Sorry if it's the latter.. :P

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