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TOPIC: My CXL + T-PRK experience in Canada

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Date: Fri Jan 31 8:57 PM, 2014
RE: My CXL + T-PRK experience in Canada

Day 11

Left Eye (and both eyes) - 20/70
Right Eye, 20/200
Reading the eye chart was harder today, but overall vision actually seems better; I am able to read computer screen much easier. It seems that the ghosting is starting to converge, which makes the eye chart harder to read (because the ghost images werenít really overlapping much before) but otherwise, a noticeable improvement in vision.

Day 12

Left Eye - 20/70
Right Eye - 20/70
Both Eyes - 20/60
The chart at all levels is still quite difficult to read, but if I stare long enough I can make out some letters.

For the first time, my right eye seems to be a bit better than my left, which is how it was before the surgery.

Day 13

Vision seems the same on the eye chart as it has been, but it still seems like I can see better, and the vision isnít degrading through the day as much as it used to. The eye chart is still very hard to read, but other things seem clearer to me.

Day 14

Saw my optometrist today. We did some tests and he decided to have me try contact lenses. With contact lenses, I'll be able to switch my prescription every week or two as my vision changes through the coming weeks and months. The only problem is, I'm not a contact lens wearer. I sat down with the optometrist's assistant for probably a half an hour or so as she attempted to teach me how to put them in and take them out. I didn't have too much trouble getting them out, but getting them in was much, much harder. With several attempts, I finally was able to get them both in.

With the contact lenses in, I have:

Left Eye: 20/50 (barely)
Right Eye: 20/50
Both Eyes: a pretty good 20/50.
Everything that I can read is much, much clearer with the lenses on. At this point, this means that my left eye is actually slightly better than before surgery(!!!), and right eye just slightly worse, when corrected with lenses. A huge encouraging step in the right direction! Still more ghosting, haze, starbursting, etc. Not quite ready to drive yet! I'm debating whether Iím ready to do some work or not - depends on how well I take to wearing the contact lenses. My job involves staring at a computer screen all day and I don't want to put too much strain on them.



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Date: Fri Jan 31 10:44 PM, 2014

This seems about right, its good when its still early in the recovery, so its very encouraging...well done so far and be sure that things will get better from this point onwards, but managing expectations...some form of glasses or contact lenses may be needed to reach the best possible vision, but if the prescription is less, and dependence of glasses and (medical) contact lenses is less...that would be result enough for most of us!

Best of luck, Wayne


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Date: Fri Jan 31 10:51 PM, 2014

Thanks Wayne for the words of encouragement.

Already my left eye can see better with lenses than it could before the surgery, which is unexpected and very encouraging. My eyes are not liking the contact lenses so much though - they feel dry and irritable, even though I'm using lots of artificial tears on them. However, I feel like all the failed attempts at getting the lenses in at the optometrist's office may be part of the reason for the irritation, so hopefully after a night with them off, they will feel better on tomorrow.

I'm of course hoping that at the 6 month mark, I won't need any prescription at all, but I know that while possible, it's not really likely. However, before my surgery, lenses did next to nothing, and already now lenses lets me read a few lines more on the chart at the optometrist office - so that is very encouraging. Overall I'm quite happy with my progress so far.

-- Edited by jgcpalmer on Friday 31st of January 2014 10:52:02 PM


Date: Mon Feb 3 12:33 AM, 2014

Hello, I actually got my (CXL) & Laser surgery the same day as you, honestly I think you were right before me, anyways I wish you luck in your recovery, I got 1 more week to go then I go back for a check up. My eyes have been quite bloodshot for the last 2 days... Not really sure how it happened but I hope all is good here. Still struggling to read about every 30 minutes but my vision is well enough to read & type on my blackberry. Lol goodluck bro :)


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Date: Mon Feb 3 1:43 PM, 2014

Thanks for the encouragement, Tony.

Good luck with your recovery as well! I'm not sure about the whole bloodshot thing. It might be good to give them a call and just see if it's an issue. My eyes are a little red after I put my contacts in (only because I'm new and it takes half an hour and dozens of failed attempts to get them in.)

As for reading, I pump up the font a bit on the computer, and I do all right for awhile. With the contacts in, I don't have problems at all reading the computer, but my eyes to get tired and uncomfortable after doing it for a little while.

My optometrist has been doing weekly checkups with me - checkups at 1 day, 5 days, 2 weeks, and then this Friday for a 3 week visit. They've only had a few patients like me before though, so I think they are extra interested in my progress, and I feel like I'm getting star treatment there. As far as I can tell, they're willing to give me contact lenses at no charge until my prescription stabilizes.

Anyway, good luck - hope everything goes well well!


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Date: Tue Feb 4 2:36 PM, 2014

DAY 15

Noticed another jump in eyesight (without the lenses). I'm able to read some of the 20/50 line now, and overall, the chart looks noticeably clearer.

This was the first time putting on the contact lenses all by myself. It took quite a bit of time and was really frustrating.

DAY 16

Again, my vision without lenses is improving. This time I was able to make out a couple letters on the 20/40 line with both eyes! For some reason, separately, each eye is only reading aroudn 20/70, or 20/60, but together they are doing well.

With my lenses, I was able to make out a letter or two on the 20/30 line, which is awesome!

On the negative side, I seem to be really hit by light sensitivity, a lot more than the previous week, more like the first week. I'm not sure if this has to do with the contact lenses or something else.

Day 17

Reading the 20/50 line with both eyes individually, and together.
With lenses, about the same as before, can make out a couple 20/30 letters.

The contact lenses are bothering me. I have this low level dull pain like a headache in my eyes all the time. It's worse in the mornings and evenings, and I feel immediate relief when I take them out. I'm not sure if I'm just getting used to them, or I need to try different lenses, or what. I'll have to ask my optometrist about it at my next appointment.

Day 18

The light in the hall where my eye chart is burnt out, making the chart hard to read. Things seem pretty fuzzy on it overall without lenses, but with my contact lenses in, I can actually read 5 of the 6 letters on the 20/30 line! Still having issues with light sensitivity and some dull pain from the lenses, but nice to see more vision improvement.


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Date: Tue Feb 11 3:43 PM, 2014

DAY 19

My Hall light is still out and without lenses, I'm having trouble reading the eye chart at all, but with the lenses I'm reading about 20/40. The lenses were extra irritable today.

Still a lot of light sensitivity - it's especially strong in the morning, eases up in the afternoon, and then gets worse again in the evening.

DAY 20

With the lenses in, I'm reading some of the 20/25 line! Ignoring the persisting light sensitivity issues, this is the first time my vision has felt better than it was before the surgery, which is very encouraging.

DAY 21

Without the lenses, only seeing around 20/60 or maybe a bit of the 20/50 line, but with the lenses, actually seeing 20/20, and even reading a couple letters on the 20/15 line!! Which is great! If only the light sensitivity would go away.

I met with the optometrist again this day. The microscope was horrible, with the light - I had tears streaming down my cheek. He thinks that it might be the preservatives in my eye drops, so he has taken me off those contact lenses. He gave me some disposibles I could use if I need them. If things persist, he says he'll put me back on the steroid drops, and has scheduled me in for another appointment in 4 days.

On an interesting note, my prescription changed between this day and a week prior. I had -4 in my left eye and -2 in my right eye, and this time he gave me lenses that were -1.5 in each eye. It's great to see my prescription level going down - here's hoping it eventually reaches 0!

In order to see my eyes better in the microscope, he gave me drops to dilate my pupils, and some kind of dye drops to help him see any bad cells. These drops made my vision very blurry for the rest of the day.

DAY 22

My vision is a bit better, but it still seems the drops have made things blurry. My eyes are stinging. I was told the effects would be for 1 to 2 hours, but instead it's been more than a day.

DAY 23

My vision is now mostly back to where it was before those eye drops, but my eyes are still stinging a bit. The light sensitivity issue is still just as bad as before.

DAY 24

Started working from home - could only afford to be off work for so long. Working on and off because of the light sensitivity, which is even worse this day. My eyes finally feel back to where they were before the drops from 3 days earlier. I'll definitely have to tell my optometrist about this, and I'm not about to let him use those drops again unless absolutely necessary.

DAY 25

I put in the disposible lenses that the optometrist gave me. These ones feel more confortable than the previous ones. I'm not sure if that's because of the solution (which is basically just saline instead of the all-purpose cleaner) or if the lenses themselves are just more comfortable. Without the lenses, I'm seeing at about 20/40, and with them, I'm making out a good chunk of the 20/20 line. I did some research, and found that a lot of people are saying that going back on the steroids will help with the light sensitivity, so when I see the optometrist today I'll talk to him about it and hopefully get myself back on the steroid drops. At this point, with the lenses in, I feel like the light sensitivity is the only thing stopping me from getting back to a normal life, including driving and working at the office.

-- Edited by jgcpalmer on Tuesday 11th of February 2014 03:44:04 PM


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Date: Wed Feb 19 2:25 PM, 2014


As of this Monday it has been one month since the procedure.

The steroid drops have helped tremendously with the light sensitivity. With the snow everywhere, I still experience it outside during the day, even with sunglasses on, but inside I'm rarely bothered by it.

I saw my optometrist and he says my epithilium is not healing as quickly as he would like - it is still rough in the centre (this is what's causing my light sensitivity, as well as continued ghosted images.) He says he still thinks it should heal up fine, but if it doesn't, they'll need to remove the epithilium again and let it grow back again. This was quite a discouraging thing to hear.

Over the past few days, I haven't noticed much change in my vision. During the first few weeks, it seemed things were different every day, but progress has slowed. This, combined with what my doctor said, has been discouraging. I meet up with the doctor again in a week and a half, and I hope by then there is some sort of progress.

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