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Post Info TOPIC: Miscellaneous Image Gallery

Date: Wed Jan 25 12:31 PM, 2006
Miscellaneous Image Gallery

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1. Filtering bleb and iridectomy

2. Cornea plana

3. Marfan’s syndrome

4. Extreme keratoconus 

5. Laser capsulotomy

6. Laser capsulotomy

7. Traumatic bleeding from iris vessel

8. Pseudoexfoliative glaucoma 

9. Corneal topography after RK 

10. Traumatic aniridia

11. Cosmetic correction of traumatic aniridia

12. Cosmetic correction of traumatic aniridia

13. Cosmetic correction of traumatic aniridia

14. Traumatic lesion

15. Autofluorescent profile of ’white spot’ 

16. Electron micrograph of basal layer of deposit

17. Silicone oil leak into anterior chamber

18. Infrared thermogram of patient with acanthamoeba keratitis

19. Normal eye

20. Intra-ocular debris in aniridia and aphaki

21. Corneal oedema (fluorescein)

22. Morphology of elevated white spot

23. Grave’s ophthalmopathy

24. Double running suture to treat over-corrected radial keratotomy

25. Albino eye with characteristic transparent iris

26. Keratoglobus

27. Scleromalacia in patient fitted with therapeutic lens

28. Positive Seidel test with blue light (fluorescein)

29. Acanthamoeba keratitis (fluorescein)

30. Acanthamoeba keratitis (fluorescein)

31. Haemorrhage at leading edge of pterygium

32. Protein film viewed under electron microscope

33. Green discolouration of lens container

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