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Date: Mon Jan 23 8:47 PM, 2006
SoftPerm upon x_linked cornea

Hi Guys!
I am writing this in order to not get too relaxed, asleep, calm, etc.
I went to my old ophtalmologist today, the one I saw in June 2005 a month before I decided to x_link. I told him I did it, he was probably impressed. He measured all things he used to measure for a KC. He could not print my scans for me but he could write a resume where he would put corneal parameters of June and of now, January 23/ 2006. He would do it later on. I think the cornea became a bit, not much flatter. Than a miracle happened. He took a little bottle out of a case. SOFTPERM was written on it. He put it in my worse eye (which was x_linked) and I started to see almost without feeling anything (I understand there were some topical anesthetics in the eye but the feeling of having almost nothing on the eye did not leave me avan a half an hour later) on the eye. With this softperm lens I saw 8/10, having -12 dp naturally. It was a strange feeling for I saw better with my right than with my left, which is without correction. He used a slit lamp however to see how it is upon the cornea. He said "aha,...Voigt streaea". Voigt streaea are sort of wrinkles on the corneal surface. Which meant that this SOFTPERM GIVING a REMARKABLY SUPERIOR VISION CREATS SOME DANGEROUS DRAWBACKS. So be prudent with all these prthesises! Probably another fit could be better (oh I have not yet read at that moment about Dura KeraSoft which is done with wavefront fitting). At this moment I asked myself (not him): what is the limit of corneal irregularity that could be corrected with a SoftPerm? Does anybody know? Last year he did not offer me this solution...Or I do not remember....

Well, anyway after I have get it (in 2 weeks) I think I will wear it ocasionally, not sistematically. But the most important thing is: I will crosslink the left cornea as soon as I can.


Date: Tue Jan 24 1:47 PM, 2006

Thats great news Yarsky... A new type of "hybrid" contact lens is out, called "Synergeyes" (watch the video's on the following link, they are very good to see! @ or try one of the new soft lenses you can get for kc... after your x linking (of course).

I sometimes think of trying one of the new types of soft lenses for kc, if need be after x linking, remembering that it was only a few years ago where there was not even the remote chance of this possiblity. However everyone i know (who knows i have kc) says that they can't tell i have any eye problems at all. And my kc has stopped progression for a good few years now...

There is a good chance of some regression and hopfully you will get a really good amount of regression that can be achieved with x linking (as seen in Valeri's case)... if not at least there are still benefits to having the treatment... like keeping you good eye from progressing any more.

I think when Valeri tried contacts after his x linking (early on in his recovery), he got a much more improved sharper and clearer view, than he has ever had before with contacts! It's because his cornea's became more "regular" after X linking to make them stronger.

All the best mate

-- Edited by QuintriX at 02:20, 2006-02-23


Date: Wed Feb 22 11:31 PM, 2006

I just wanted to post this message as I just learn't that Yarsky is getting correction (in the form of a soft perm which he finds very comfortable) for his eye which has already been treated with x linking and recovered... so that he can still get around and see!... during the recovery when he gets his other, better eye treated with x linking...

Glad its worked out with the soft perm! Good thinking mate! As always!

-- Edited by QuintriX at 02:23, 2006-02-23

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