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Post Info TOPIC: MyoRing experience in KC, surching for specialist in NY

Date: Wed Oct 30 10:15 AM, 2013
MyoRing experience in KC, surching for specialist in NY

Hi everyone!

I am from Austria, 23, was diagnosed KC 3 years ago, all the time before like many others was told that I am just  high myopic. 2 years ago I had a MyoRing implantation done on my right eye. The surgery was done by the inventor of the method and of the implant itself, Austrian professor of Ophthalmology Albert Daxer. I didn't have any CXL done on this eye and even with my advanced case the ring works so far very well. From UCVA 0,15 it has improved to 0,7 and the cornea seems to be stable. My left eye is also already on the mild stage of KC even if the visual acuity is relative good, I am awfully afraid to loose the precious microns like on the right one and visit my doctor every 2 months to do the topography and pachimetry.The problem is, that I'm doing a practical course in the USA, NY  for the next 2 years and will not have this possibility to control KC progression at home. So, if anyone knows a good KC specialist in NY to contact I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance!


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Date: Thu Oct 31 2:30 AM, 2013

Thats some real good improvement you got with the Myoring! Your lucky to have the inventor as your Dr!

I hope your stay will be comfortable in NY. Try

Best Wishes, Megan


Date: Thu Oct 31 8:26 AM, 2013

Thanks Megan!I see that this doctor does the Intacs segments, which seems to be a very common KC treatment in the USA. My doctor is more in favor of corneal biomechanics saving treatments and a kind of "LASIK enemy" :). But if this clinic is equipped with Pentacam , so that I would be able to send the data to my doctor in Austria, I will be most happy.


Date: Tue Feb 18 7:25 PM, 2014


I would like to ask about the method MyOring.
I wonder about the present, I have keratoconus at an advanced stage on both eyes.

How did you did you? How many have you seen in front of the operation of the array, and how many after?
How to comfort?

Does the operation have been some complications, and whether you need something extra to correct vision?

You felt a significant improvement, as you can see in the night?



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Date: Thu Jul 24 6:24 PM, 2014

Hi! Sorry for the late answer, as haven't been here for a long time. I am in Austria at the moment and have just visited my doctor and also showed him this forum. So you can easily ask him the questions you have here. His nick is Al and he is really a very good one!  As for me, I am doing well, have stable vision and no side effects, although I used to have some small once first time after surgery. Not anymore. The operated eye doesn't show any progression of Keratoconus and I've seen even 0,8 today, but the left one unfortunately does. I don't use any correction as I was rather satisfied with my eyesight, but now as the progression on the left eye has also caused the loss of the vision I am going to undergo another CISIS (MyoRing) surgery for the second eye.

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