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Date: Mon Oct 14 10:46 PM, 2013
IV Sedation


I'm a new member here. I was just wondering if anyone here has undergone the cross-linking procedure while under the effects of IV sedation? My eyes are too sensitive for me to undergo the cross-linking with only the help of Ativan; I need IV sedation if I am ever going to fix my keratoconus. I have contacted doctors in Toronto, Long Island, and Los Angeles County, and yet no doctor I have spoken with--and these have been some of the most celebrated keratoconus specialists in the world--offer IV sedation. Has anyone contacted a surgeon who does, in fact, offer IV sedation to his or her clients?

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Date: Mon Oct 14 11:29 PM, 2013

I have heard of people with Down Syndrome being put to sleep as they might touch their eyes after treatment and even arms getting plastered so they can not bend their arms to touch their eyes.

IV Sedation = I have not heard of in eye surgery at all. Maybe if you feel there is a comfort issue you could try epi on Crosslinking (where the Epithelium is left on)


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