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Post Info TOPIC: Ghosting / Halo after contacts
James B

Date: Tue Apr 9 6:47 PM, 2013
Ghosting / Halo after contacts


After dealing with KC for the last 5 years (Currently 28), i was fitted for gas permeable contacts. While my vision drastically improved (Had me 30/20 in each eye and almost 25/30 together). I now (After 6 days) realized that I have been seeing distinct ghosting and am still getting substantial glare at night time from lights.

I was wondering if anyone has had this and if it is

a) my brain getting used to the new vision

b) something that can be corrected by adjsuting my contacts

c) something that contacts will not be able to fix.







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Date: Thu Apr 11 9:29 AM, 2013


A good fitting lens will reduce this or eliminate it. Sometimes the fit improves a lot by "piggy backing" lenses (which is done by wearing a soft lens under a RGP lens). This is something your contact lens fitter could look at for you or a good fit may be able to be acheived by adjusting the RGP alone.

A good tear film can help a fit of a lens, and sometimes the brain adjusts enough over time to help with overall vision.

Eye tests are done in the day time and therefore it might be the case of trying to reduce the visual effects during the night time as mentioned above as much as it can be under the circumstances but having good enough vision during the day.




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Date: Sun Apr 14 9:55 PM, 2013


Go back and tell the contact lens fitter about this ghosting.  Ghosting can be improved by increasing the size of the contact lens so that the optic zones do not come outside your pupil.

I'm sure the contact lens fitter will be happy to exchange the lenses. After a first fitting there are often little "tweaks" that can be made to improve things once you are used to wearing the lens

Good Luck




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Date: Sun Apr 14 10:46 PM, 2013

Thanks Elaine for your first post as a experienced Keratoconus Specilist - you are now global!smile



Date: Sat Mar 8 7:18 AM, 2014

I'm recently wearing clearkones. I had them on day two and noticed distinct halo effect around light sources. It's actually distinct lines radiating from the light source. I removed the contacts and I still have halo effects. I'm unsure if it normal as my eyes adjust or of something is wrong.


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Date: Mon Mar 10 11:22 AM, 2014

Check with your lens fitter if the wrong lenses was sent to you.

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