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Post Info TOPIC: Now I need cataract surgery! But first considering CXL and Intacs.


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Date: Tue Apr 9 6:48 AM, 2013
Now I need cataract surgery! But first considering CXL and Intacs.

Just 33 yrs old but I have a cataract that now requires surgery. I was diagnosed with KC about 6 years ago and given RGP lenses. I've had a hard time wearing them but managed to get used to wearing it only in my left eye, which has worked out fine up to now. Now vision is getting worse in my right eye due to a cataract.

Before going forward with the cataract surgery, I did some research to see if I should consider treating the KC first. So I'm headed to LA next week to see a cornea specialist who will evaluate me for CXL and Intacs, and maybe even do it right away. Then I'll have to wait (not sure how long) until the eye is ready for cataract surgery.

I'm not really looking forward to any of this, but I would love to have good vision again and not have to wear the RGP lense. I'm relying on my left eye at this point because I'm nearly blind in the right eye.

I've heard so many stories about these treatments, it's hard to know what's right. Two optometrists have told me "Those Intacs rings don't work." Though my cataract surgeon seems open to me having CXL and/or Intacs (not done by him) before or after the cataract surgery. One optometrist who has a son with KC told me he is definitely getting it done for his son, but warned against the "fake" version which is not the same as the treatment developed in Europe. I assume he is referring to epi-on as the "fake" version?? 

There are just so many opinions out there. I'm grateful that this board has many real-life experiences. I'll be sure to post mine. Meanwhile, I'm open to suggestions, advice on what I should ask my doctors, etc..

Thank you!



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Date: Tue Apr 9 7:11 PM, 2013

Hi Sebgood,

If they can get the cornea to a more regular shape after Intacs and crosslinking the cateract operation results would be better (is maybe the thought going on from your Dr)

But maybe a cateract operation alone may give you usful vision that is correctable with glasses on the right eye afterwards ?

Crosslinking is definately needed what ever surgery you undertake so that the resuilts are stable.

I would stay with the proven epi off method, as something thats proven is what you are paying money for.

Intacs works for some people very well (in the early to moderate stage of KC) but there are no way of knowing by how much or if it will work at all beforehand.

Your asking the roight questions and well done for finding out as much as you can to make an informed choice.

Let us know how you get on.


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