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Post Info TOPIC: Iontophoresis Device for Corneal Cross-Linking


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Date: Wed Mar 27 9:28 PM, 2013
Iontophoresis Device for Corneal Cross-Linking

SOOFT italia S.p.A. Receives CE Mark Certification for Its 'Iontophoresis Device for Corneal Cross-Linking'
Mar 25, 2013 (Close-Up Media via COMTEX) --

SOOFT italia S.p.A., a company of OOgroup, announce the worldwide launch of its "Device and method for Corneal delivery of Riboflavin by Iontophoresis procedure for the treatment of keratoconus", in the field of corneal collagen cross linking.

According to a release, the entire procedure has obtained the CE mark certification.

Commonly the cross linking is used to treat degenerative keratoconus, post- lasik ectasia and ocular infections. In most of these cases the actual procedures required to remove the corneal epithelium in order to allow riboflavin to penetrate in the cornea, with well-known side effects and patients discomfort.

The use of corneal Iontophoresis technology, Iontofor CXL, allows the riboflavin to penetrate in the cornea with epi-on in only 5 minutes, with clear advantages for the ophthalmogists and the patients.

For a more complete use of the Iontophoresis procedure SOOFT italia S.p.A. has developed a new riboflavin solution, Ricrolin+ and a new Power Generator I-ON CXL.

"SOOFT italia S.p.A. announced the CE mark certification for its "Device and Methods for Corneal Delivery of Riboflavin by Iontophoresis" (IontoforCXL, Ricrolin+, I-ONCXL).

This achievement has allowed SOOFT italia S.p.A. to serve its customers and patients in most countries in the world, with clear advantages for both the ophthalmogists and patients. "Iontophoresis is an excellent delivery system, which allowed to perform the entire cross linking procedure in about 10-15 minutes, instead than 1 hour as for the actual procedures in the market" said Fulvio Foschini Executive Vice President OOgroup.

He continued "this new technology will add to our current patent portfolio, allowing SOOFT italia S.p.A. to reinforce its worldwide leadership in the field of Corneal Collagen Cross Linking.

SOOFT italia S.p.A. a Company of OOgroup, is an Italian pharmaceutical firm focusing on the research of new solutions, in carrying out and marketing of products for general and specific eyes health.


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Date: Wed Mar 27 9:37 PM, 2013

Another article on this link below:

In simple terms this is the use of an electrical charge to allow the B2 solution to enter the epithelium, to enable enough of the B2 solution for crosslinking to take place as fully as possible without having to take the epithelium off. Clinical trails will commence now that CE approval has happened. Animal studies carried out and passed allowed for CE approval.

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