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Post Info TOPIC: Switz X linking congress over-view by Prof Lombadri

Date: Wed Jan 4 12:19 AM, 2006
Switz X linking congress over-view by Prof Lombadri

Dear Sajeev

   I just came back from the congress concerning x-linking with riboflavin and cornea irradiation with U.V. lamps and diodes of the last generation, which took place on the 9 and 10 of this month.

I think that its content might be interesting for all the Keratokonus patients. Different groups of scientist are threatening some hundred of patients with different selected criteria. The group which has the longest experience is that of the Dresden University of Technology where have been treated 160 patients.

The general impressions are positive, even though a follow-up is not known and also not possible to preview with reasonable scientific rigour.

The general sensation emerged from different interventions is that in the limited time passed by the progress of the disease seems to terminate.

Such a actual conclusion is surely the best news which I can communicate.

The were some initial failures in the dosage of the riboflavin an in the focalisation of the U.V., which also caused endothelial damage (Theo Sailer, Germany), but today this has all passed and the techniques seems to be free from side effects on: endothelia, iris, vitreous and retina.

Also if Dr. Steve Trockel (USA) points out, that until now there is no conclusion about the energy impact executed on these tissues and which failures could be occur in the long-term running, particularly for the vitreous and the retina.

I personally suggested to the scientists to drop 1-4% Pilocarpina liquid into the eye before the treatment and so this could be registered in the following protocols.

While finding all the analogue groups, emerged that the fundamental factor for the treatment is security as well as for the extended use of the instillation of the riboflavin till obtained a sufficient and evident concentration of vitamins in the chamber as well as verifying with a Fessura lamp (bio microscope) during the instillation before switching on the U.V. diodes.

Today the practised treatment is consisting of a neoplasm of the epithelium of the patient’s cornea with different methods and than instil the liquid which contains the vit-b2, that is the riboflavin, every 3-5 minutes for an evident and massive passage of the same anterior chamber (which is the space of 4-5 mm between the internal part of the cornea, endothelial, and the iris with the exterior face, or capsule of the vitreous) in this point the patient has to look for 15-30 minutes into the U.V. light, which is focused on the cornea with a diameter of ca. 9mm, afterwards lets regenerate a new epithelium naturally on the anterior surface of the cornea or using a lens for ca. 2-4 days to reduce the typical pain of the process of the neoplasm of the epithelium, sedate simply antibiotic and anti-inflammatory liquids.

Actually no aftertreatments are known, but the colleagues seemed to think about aftertreatments if necessary.

Personally I decided to adopt the method, seeing the tranquillity of different groups which took part in experiments, integrating it eventually in the ARK – Mini-ARK intervention. I already ordered the apparatus and think I could start already in January 2006.

I found out with pleasure talking to a lot of colleagues that the etiopatogenic hypothesis (that is the origin) of the illness today is attributed only in 10% to a possible familiar genetic predestination, which meets with my hypothesis that the illness is infective. I had the possibility to talk about this during the conference breaks with a lot of colleagues. And I found out that a French colleague, with good reputation, but now disappeared, already had expressed the same opinion regarding trachoma, of which she said it would be infective, too … which was not very long from that what we had discovered..

I asked already some colleagues, first of all French ones, to bring me into contact with some parasitological institute of a French university to process together the “biological” research of my infective theory, hopping to be able to prove its existence.


So long!

Best regards

Massimo Lombardi


P.S. As soon as possible I will also tell you the selection criteria and indications of this method with possible “holes” to treat also patients currently excluded with Keratokonus 3-4 and a cornea under 400 micron central thickness.

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Date: Wed Jan 4 11:49 AM, 2006

I think Dr. Lombardi made a grammatical mistake:) not being a native english speaking person. He wrote "Different groups of scientist are threatening some hundred of patients with different selected criteria ". I think he should have written "treating" instead of "threatenning".


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Date: Thu Jan 5 1:16 AM, 2006

This is good news as Prof Lombardi had in an earlier post expressed concerns that exposure to UV could cause collagen aging. So obviously the evidence presented at the conference must have allayed his fears on this issue. 

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