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Post Info TOPIC: new to x linking cross linking research

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Date: Thu Dec 29 10:07 PM, 2005
new to x linking cross linking research

mmm well i think x linking is a particular version of crosslinking done in europe...but what is the difference...what are the odds of it making kc regress..My bad eye can see 6/9 or better with piggybacks but needs -9 hard contact, no letters uncorrected and probably with glasses(when I was -7.5 hard contact they tried to make my glasses stronger but could still only see 1st and thirrd letters of chart (20/100) so am in contacts...after a marathon battle(costing me 1000-1500 euro in contacts) I can now mange fine with piggybacks with no popping out and good correction

however, I wonder if x linking is an option to prevent kc getting worse , kc has stablised (haven't needed stronger contact for 4 months after six months of needing stronger contact every six weeks) but still not beyond potential of it getting so bad I could go legally blind(am 24 on 13 march 2006) if it was to start progressing again in a few months am considering x linking

Is it available in Ireland and how much does it cost



Date: Thu Dec 29 10:51 PM, 2005

I think your a bit confused with the short hand word of "x linking" means the same as crosslinking, its the same thing... its just quicker to write.

Now the only original and proven method of cross linking is the one coming out of europe, as all the studies are from there... its been done there the longest as well... it is a routine and regular treatment for some doctors in germany.

It is by removing a small part of the "skin" (the epithelium) of the Cornea.

The US method is called C3R for short and has the advantage of comfort and faster recovery for the patient but has not been proven with studies. It is done without breaking the epithelium.

It is said that because of this less crosslinking occurs in the cornea... but this method may be enough to stop kc progressing.

X linking is not available in Ireland, the closest place is London for you.

All the best Geraldine

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Date: Fri Dec 30 7:48 PM, 2005

thanks for clarifying the difference between cross linking and x linking and the fact that they are very similar but given different names in Europe and America

From what i read its pretty dear;;;;and wouldn;t be covered by my health insurance[well my fathers health insurances for family] pity grafts are covered but no other treatment


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