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Date: Thu Jan 10 8:47 AM, 2013

What type of microsurgery or laser is the best recommended for treatment of long term postkeratoplasty development of irregular astigmatism ,what are the experiences and to what extent it would be successful?



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Date: Thu Jan 10 9:31 PM, 2013

There is various opinions on this depending on the micro surgery surgeon and the laser surgeon you ask, and in how they approach the correction needed with the technique they have developed from their experience.

Some micro surgery surgeons do both micro surgery and laser to fine tune the correction afterwards.

Generally microsurgery is used to bring down as much astigmitisum as possible and then if needed or can be used, 50 microns of lasering is done.

Microsurgery correctes more astigmitisum than laser and also there is no central tissue that is taken. However laser is more accurate and laser is maybe all you need to have.

You may want to contact to ask about micro surgery

and about laser treatment

All the best




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Date: Wed Aug 6 6:07 PM, 2014

I am having the same question, I have searched the web and read most articles and papers,yet no firm answere.
One thing worthy to attention is the work of Dr Wang of Nashville who has inserted intacs into a graft with irregular astigmatism using femtosecond laser with good results. If anybody has an idea or knows about advancements in this category please help.

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