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Post Info TOPIC: toric artisan iol

Date: Mon Oct 15 8:58 PM, 2012
toric artisan iol

Has anyone on here had toric artisan iols? I am due to have them in the next couple of months. With glasses I have good VA of almost 20/20, however i get a lot og ghosting due to higher order aberrations. Im curious to know if the lenses tend to help ghosting? My consultant reckons the MAY help. Thanks


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Date: Tue Nov 20 8:33 AM, 2012

If you wear glasses and get 20/20 vision then your KC is more milder than advanced so surgery should give you good results. However you need to weigh up if you wish to do surgery if your vision is good in glasses, to start with. This is somethingyou will have to decide upon, as in ther end, its your eyes, no one elses.

Your Dr is right in saying that the ghosting *may* improve on the other hand you may well be out of glasses but *may* still get ghosting, however it may be another type of ghosting effect you get, of which may be, the same amount, less, or more....but you possible will not need to wear glasses, in the eye you are going to get the implant for, which is now 20/20 in glasses, and with a degree of ghosting.


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