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Post Info TOPIC: Concentrating at school

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Date: Wed Aug 1 11:47 AM, 2012
Concentrating at school

Hello KangaA,

You are very right to ask about this. When two eyes are very different this can causes headaches/pain. The eyes are part of the brain after all. Eye strain is common if vision is not corrected well. Its not just the quantity of vision in KC but very much also the quality of vision.

It can be tiring to see, it can take up energy to see and there can be fatigue felt.

With vision out of focus it can cause concentration problems. Its best to tell your child’s teachers and those who need to be aware, that all these symptoms are due to his (hidden) visual impairment. He may look "normal" and get around like someone with no problems with their vision, but that there are problems still. This may well be depth perception (as the two eyes are very different in vision). It also could be that his vision troubles happen more due to where the light, and the type of light, are coming from (for example if its natural light or if its tube lighting etc). Vision may vary due to the amount of light, and there could be be problems with contrast, multiple images etc. If one eye is good these effects may not be noticed at all, and as times goes by. However over time, "limping" along like this may become a "load" to bear, as things are not as they should be fully.

If at all possible try to get the bad eye corrected, so that vision becomes more "balanced" from having two eyes seeing well.

Be sure that the eye does not become "lazy", getting the bad eye corrected would ward of this from happening, if at all that may happen (it depends on how bad the vision is). However if he is able to see to a point and is doing well, then there is no rush to act quickly. Take your time to find a solution for your son and work closely with an eye professional, who your child and you can get on with, until the right contact lens and fit and cleaning routine is found, where vision is returned and (most importantly) your child is happy.

You are asking the right questions and doing very well with in the whole topic area by finding out. If your not happy with any advice you get on your sons care, please do not hesitate to get a 2nd or 3rd opinion.

Best of luck to you and your son




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Date: Wed Aug 1 5:56 PM, 2012

As a mother of a 14 year old boy with KC I was wondering if anyone could tell me how it can impact concentration and school performance. My son was only recently diagnosed, it is very advanced in his left eye but less so in his right so he's been coping well relying on his one good eye. In the last few months I've noticed he has been having more trouble concentrating at school and is very fatigued at night. This could be just the consequence of being a growing boy and I've tried to get answers from our eye specialist but no information has been forthcoming. He does have streaking around lights at night, and occasional double vision.

The optometrist who diagnosed him said he's fine and his brain would adjust easily to having one good and one poor eye - but I still have a suspicion that it's taking it's toll on his metal energy levels.

Like all Mums I just want to help my child, any advice people could give me would be very much appreciated.


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Date: Thu Sep 27 6:04 AM, 2012

Ask the teacher or teachers if your son can be seated at the front of the class and where the lighting is most suitable for him. Near a window on bright sunny days may be too bright for him but some natural light may be of help, it very much depends on the indiviual how much, what type and where the light is comes to keep vision comfortable.

With best wishes


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