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Date: Tue Sep 16 6:12 AM, 2008
RE: Jimmy's Story

how do you feel Hari about cross linking and prk combined....there is a doctor kanellopolys from greece that indicates once the cross linking is done the cornea is then strengthened enough for the prk. this procedure is now being offered in canada and begining to be offered in the usa under supervised trial basis. however i still might travel to greece as dr. k is the pioneer and he has been doing the surgury with positive results for a long time. I am not sure if u are familiar with the user on here named cloudd, but he has had this procedure and is now living without glasses or contacts and perfect vision (20/20) he traveled to greece. this surgury is slightly less expensive than dr lombardi, however cost is not an issue when it comes to your eyesight. the thing i might prefer is that dr. k is much more documented in medical journals. if you want you can actually watch the procedure on youtube under cross linking and prk. i am looking for as many opinions as i can before i make my final decision, however i don't have much time as my kc has progress so much in the past year that contacts do not even work for me.


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Date: Thu Sep 18 11:59 AM, 2008

Hi pereira951

Hari, was very active before and after his treatment for a long time, he has forgotten about his KC as his vision has returned, he does log on less and less these days. You could send him a private message (PM) by visiting his profile and leaving your email in your message to him, that way he will get in touch with a message that will come to you with out having to check your PMs to see if a message is waiting for you.

Best regards


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Date: Fri Sep 19 1:23 AM, 2008

Hello Pereira,

I have also performed collagen crosslinking plus limited topography guided PRK with Dr Kanellopoulos.In fact i was the first in here to speak about this innovative treatment.

I think if you are proved to be a candidate for this combined treatment according to your readings such as pachymetry(very important) and other corneal scientific data this will be the best option for kc.

The cornea will have a flat surface again plus the collagen crosslinking for strength.Collagen crosslinking has change completely the posibillities about visual rehabilitation.I thank GOD and Dr THEO SEILER everyday about this unique foundation.Crosslinking stabilize and freezes our cornea with an amazing outcome.Moreover from my research with the limited PRK the bowmans layer(a cornea membrane which is under the epithelium it has been found that it is pathologically guilty for the development of kc) is ablated so the stroma and the epithelium are bonding perfect to each other with the crosslinking procedure without this sick membrane in the way.

I am very glad that more people are learning about this combined treatment.I r know if this all started from me but i am sure i helped as much as i could.I have beautiful vision at daytime with little aberrations at night that i can correct with glasses.The vision quality is something outstanding especially at daytime or places with more light.I am with both eyes open at 20/25.My thickness before the treatment was 448microns right and 474 left.Now i am stable at 400 both eyes with reduced cones at half from the beginning.I am 19 months since i performed the treatment.

I think we can outake and win kc,this stupid disease,with this combined treatment.We need our corneas to be flat again as much as possible so we can enjoy colourful vision again.Thats the thing for me and i am very proud for Dr K.

I hope i gave you an idea about the treatment.Ask also Mark from canada.

All the best,

P.S excuse me for my english

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