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Post Info TOPIC: Advice Needed for C3R or cross-linkage treatment

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Date: Tue May 8 10:49 AM, 2012
Advice Needed for C3R or cross-linkage treatment


Things to consider are:

1) You need 400 microns for the treatment.

They can use hypotonic solution to thicken the cornea to enable the treatment to occur, if the thickness is less than this (your thickness is thin, but not very thin), but there is a limit how much the cornea can be thicknened.

2) The Epi when taken off takes 50 microns (of this 400 microns), so the cut off of 400 microns should be with the epi taken off but there is a margin of error built in to this, and the absolutle minimum is 350 microns. This may be too close for comfort, but some lower thickness has been done using hypotonic solution.

3) You could opt to have Crosslinking without taking the epithelium off, there are various methods, which can treat thinner corneas like this not able to under go the orginal treatment.

There is some new Crosslinking methods going to come out soon at

Best of luck


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Date: Tue May 8 11:29 AM, 2012


I am 25 this year and I have had keratoconus for last 8 years now. I have been using RGP lens since then and changed them 2 years ago. 

I went for 2nd opinion in India and I was told i should go for c3r. But when i consulted my regular doctor in Singapore, he said my cornea is thinner than normal for c3r and he suggested continue using lens only. 

but RGP lens are troublesome. Can anyone tell me if I'm eligible for the treatment? I have attached my topo here. 

Thank you in advance. 



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