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Date: Mon Apr 30 8:06 PM, 2012
Visian ICL for Keratoconus

Is there anyone on here that want information on some of the great  work that surgeons throughout the World are carrying out with Visian ICL for the treatment of Keratoconus?

I have recently returned from the ASCRS (American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons annual conference where a number of well know world renowned surgeons were presenting their finding on Visian ICL and some papers on Visian ICL for Keratocunus sufferers.  Some of the Highlights were:

Dr Parthasarathy (India) shared his results of Visian Toric ICl implantation after crosslinking treatment for correction of residual myopic astigmatism in eyes with KC.  Visian Toric ICL was implanted at 6 months after crosslinking procedure and manifest refraction was used for the Toric ICL Implantations.  Six months after Visian Toric ICL surgery, UCVA was significantly improved and safety was excellent, almost 50% of eyes gained 1 or more lines of BCVA, 44% maintained lines of of BCVa and only 6% of eyes lost 1 line of BCVA.  Dr Parhasarathy concluded that Visian Toric ICL is predictable for postoperative refractive error after Crosslinking in eyes with Keratoconus and emphasized the use of the manifest refrection as basis of Toric ICL implantation to achieve good performance


Dr El-Danasoury (Saudi Arabia) presented his results of 37 eyes of 23 patients for correction of high myopic astigmatism in eyes with stable keratoconus.  Mean age was 31.2 and follow up was from 12 to 24 months.  Inclusion criteria were among others stable keratoconus for at least 2 years and satisfactory quality of vision with preoperative refraction.  Postoperative results showed early visual recovery, 81% of eyes had a UCVA of 20/30 or better 1 day after surgery.  Predictability of SE and cylainder was excellent.  33% of eyes maintained lines of BCVA, 67% gained 1 or more lines of BCVA and none of the eyes lost lines of BCVA which confirmed the safety of the Visian Toric ICL. No lens rotation was noticed.  Quality of vision was preserved with no significant change of higher order aberrations

If people find this of interest, As I attend more meetings throughout the year I will post highlights on presentations that may be of interest to the site  members who are looking to make an informed choice.

I have recently set up a Facebook page for Visian in the UK.  Go to facebook and search for Visian UK and you will find it.  This will be getting regularly updated.

If anyone has any questions they would like to know about Visian ICL then please feel free to drop me a line



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Date: Mon Apr 30 9:55 PM, 2012

Thank you very much for your post Steve. Check out the PM I have sent you.


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