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Date: Mon Dec 12 7:04 AM, 2011
Life of corneal graft

Hi everyone,i was diagonised with KC 8 months ago,my right eye was affected badly and left eye was partially affected so i had to go for a CXL treatment in my left eye and one and a half months ago i had a corneal transplant in my right eye and my vision is getting better quite good but i have heard that life of corneal graft is 20-30 years,is that true and vision in my left eye is 20/30 without glasses or contact lenses,but with glasses its 20/20 so i want to ask if there is any treatment to bring my lef eye to 20/20 without glasses.


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Date: Mon Dec 12 9:42 AM, 2011

Hi yasirraza,

It can varty from person to person the life of a corneal transplant, however the years you quote are rough estimates to go by. Look out for the early signs of rejection and it can be reversed. Dalk transplants are ment to have lower rejection than PK (full) transplants.

There are many correction methods, do your research, go to consultations with Drs who are offering alternative methods, and you will know what you may be suitable for. Then its your choice.

All the best


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Date: Fri Dec 8 3:42 AM, 2017

Life span depends I think.... I am on number 2 my first was lasted 10 years. 

Chloe Davies
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