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Post Info TOPIC: Going to crosslinking 2

Date: Sun Jan 1 3:38 PM, 2006
RE: Going to crosslinking 2

Hindsight is a wonderful thing yet no one has that gift and what is avoided is never known so don't be hard on your self mate.

You must of heard people say that their vision gets worse in bad weather! anyway i hope the weathers on your side for your trip!

best of the best to you yarsky!

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Date: Mon Jan 2 12:43 PM, 2006

i am thinking of getting crosslinking done , have a question to ask that do they( doctors) make incisions or scrape the cornea before crosslinking?

yarsky did they scrape your cornea?

my pachymetery would not allow , its already near the danger mark.



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Date: Mon Jan 2 9:29 PM, 2006

Hi Vik!

Incisions are not done in crosslinking.

Scraping or abrasion - yes. I think it is a "dull" instrument which is applied. Otherwise neither riboflavin, neither uva could not penetrate the cornea. My cornea was scraped. It's only epithelium which is carefuly removed. It restorates in 4 days. If pachimetry shows low corneal width - less time will be needed, less than 30 minutes, to irradiate the cornea. I think the irradiation time is finely calibrated as a function of corneal depth. I however do not know the details.

In principle there is another version of x_linking, without scraping which is performed in LA. I know nothing about eficacity of this one. Ask Dina :)

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