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Post Info TOPIC: Image Gallery of the Stroma

Date: Thu Nov 3 2:47 AM, 2005
Image Gallery of the Stroma

Images of the Stroma

Please Click on the images below to enlarge

1. Inferior vascularization with soft lens

2. Central corneal scarring

3. Corneal vasularization and lipid degeneration

4. Deep stromal keratitis

5. Corneal scarring in keratoconus

6. Corneal scar, fragile epithelium and irregular topography

7. Early scar on contact lens wearing keratoconic cornea

8. Perforating corneal lacerations; soft lens prevented worse      damage

9. Corneal scarring and vascularization

10. Pellucid marginal corneal degeneration

11. Terrien’s marginal degeneration without rigid lens

12. Terrien’s marginal degeneration with rigid lens (fluorescein)

13. Corneal melting after perforating trauma

14. Vascularization in dystrophic keratopathy

15. Vascularization of RK scar

16. Chemical burn (cornea)

17. Lipid keratopathy, keratoconus and vascularization (right eye)

18. Lipid keratopathy, keratocnus and vascularization (left eye)

19. Intra-corneal hydrogel inlay for aphakia

20. Corneal vascularization and stromal infiltrates

21. Chemical burn

22. Necrotic stromal herpetic keratitis

23. Lipid keratopathy and vascularization

24. Lipid keratopathy and vascularization

25. Acute hydrops in keratoconic eye

26. Corneal vascularization

27. Vogt’s striae

28. Band keratopathy

29. Keratoconus with corneal scarring

30. Corneal neovascularization with and without a red-free filter

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Date: Thu Nov 3 3:49 AM, 2005

Great post.... really great to finally put an image to terms we usually only see in print. Nice work



Date: Thu Nov 3 11:11 PM, 2005

There is more images on the way for other aspects... I will be posting them over the coming days from time to time... May be a seperate section for Images will be called for as there are a few different topics the images cover.

It does give a better understanding of what is involved.

All the Best mate



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Date: Fri Nov 4 1:34 AM, 2005

Actually I was just going to suggest setting up a separate section for the image gallery... great to see

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