All of us Vs Keratoconus

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Date: Wed Oct 12 12:31 PM, 2005

This link covers much of the new issues we have covered on this forum, its shows the new thinking in kc...

(please note the very low figure of passing this disorder to your off-spring)

Its a good all round read...

Please Click Here

All the Best



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Date: Wed Oct 12 8:21 PM, 2005

Hi Quintrix,

Firstly, All due respect to those of our members whom have already had graft... I repect your decision and know that there is a broad spectrum of results post graft.

But here again we see statistics that, even to a newcomer to keratoconus, must portray the graft as far from the 90% successful wonder option it is painted as.

I know that when I was first diagnosed the option of PK was offered as the sole final solution to KC (And this was only five years ago)... It is pleasing to see the array of alternatives that are available today. But they have been hard fought for and still there is a brick wall of ignorance to change. New treatments are dismissed as untried and without review... I cringe at how easy it is for our medical professionals to dismiss a possible treatment without taking the time to really get to know it.

The thing with KC is that we feel trapped... there seems no way out for many. It maddens me when these treatments and alternatives are kept from the general population (Just see how far the US is behind in its acceptance to learn about cross linking for example)... There is always the feeling that we as kcers are sitting ducks when it comes to possible bogus treatment plans, that even the offer of escape is enough to part us from our money and possibly destroy our sight.

But I give us much more credit than that, there is a degree of in depth private research that goes on with many of our members that never ceases to amaze me. We desearve the right to be offered ALL options... and then be given the respect to decide for ourselves.

Another interesting section of the article contained this quote:

Following corneal transplantation, keratoconus patients often have significant residual astigmatism greater than non-keratoconus patients with transplants. Approximately 60% of patients with keratoconus require contact lens fitting for visual rehabilitation following penetrating keratoplasty. Recently, the management of astigmatism in postkeratoconus comeal transplant patients has been successful with relaxing incisions and comeal wedge resections.

The last sentance regarding 'Relaxing' incisions can be seen in one form or another throughout the net. I had 'Relaxing' incisions on my eyes... only difference was that they were on my keratoconic corneas and they were called MINI ARK (The double standard always astounds me!)



Date: Thu Oct 13 12:25 AM, 2005

Great to have you back!!... reading you post just made me realise how much you was missed!!...

All the best mate...



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Date: Thu Oct 13 1:20 PM, 2005

well i'm still reading the article... the text is SMALL!! and hard to read. and i already have my font set larger than normal (drives me nuts when i use another computer and i have to reset all the fonts hehehe - i bet it drives my friends mad too when they come back to their puter). anyhow... it is a very interesting article!!!!!

yeup... it's me. :p
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