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Date: Wed Jun 7 5:09 AM, 2006
RE: Boston Scleral Lenses

Just wanted to welcome you Kishore and say that i have been to Singapore many years ago, we still have family there and my father used to live there for many years... wonderful country and people... just loved it over there! Must go back one day!

Vik, pops in sometimes and will be around... although i know his busy with the opticans he runs and owns (est 100 years ago i think!).

He is a wealth of knowledge and will be around i'm sure soon.

All the best

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Date: Thu Jun 8 9:22 AM, 2006

trying to make up to the losses i had in my business for not attending for many weeks ,

the lenses can be worn for as many hours one could get adjusted to , i started with six hours from december first week , in feb - march i took it to 12 + hours just to see how would they be but due to longer hours of wear i was more prone to fatigue and redness, i had to get them back to 11 hours of total wear in weekdays and a little more on weekends to be active socially.



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Date: Sun Nov 1 1:03 AM, 2009

I have had KC for over twenty years and had a corneal graft about 19 years ago in the left eye. The surgery was done at the Massachusetts Eye and ear Infirmary, and all my contact lens fitting has been provided at the contact lens service of that same hospital. I was very fortunate in this as the both surgical and fitting specialists there have kept me in pretty good shape for most of those years.

The last year however, I reached the limits of what can be done, and also had a problem with neo-vascularization in the graft eye due to the lack of oxygen provided by the large diameter soft lens which I had been using without a problem for years. The right eye was also now launching the RGP perched atop the steep cone, and its movement made vision a bit unreliable. Steroid drops fixed the neo-vascularization problem, but it was decided that the permeability of RGPS would most prudent to prevent  future growth of blood vessels into the cornea.

The contact lens service tried to fit the steepest hybrids they could order, but the fit was not close, ditto for piggybacks.

So it was off to the Boston Foundation for Sight (last week) to see what they could do, and things have gone well. I now have the new lens fitted and despite their rather large size they are surprisingly comfortable and I have achieved better visual acuity in my left eye than the soft lens did, and the same correction in the right eye as my old RGP, but without the constant falling out and moving around. I can tell you the staff there is wonderful and will do whatever they can to achieve success. My Insurance will cover this, and others I spoke to there also had coverage which I believe is a relatively new development. They wanted to do one more minor weak on the lens, since they wanted to confirm I did not need fenestrated lens, and had to see how things went with the non-fenestrated ones I have. They will send them to me next week as they will machine a new pair Monday morning.  For now I am getting 16 hours of comfortable wear with these.

I will let you know how it goes.



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Date: Mon Dec 14 7:23 PM, 2009


I was wondering if you could give us an update on the Boston Scleral Lenses that you are wearing?  I am considering them for my son, 14 year old, who has had KC for 5 years and can not tolorate wearing soft or hard contact lenses.  His vision is worsening and we need to do something to help him.


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