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Post Info TOPIC: Dr. Mark Swanson vs Dr. Brian Boxer Walcher C3R
Dr. Brian Boxer Walcher Vs Mark Swanson [3 vote(s)]

Mark Swanson
Dr. Brian Boxer Walcher


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Date: Wed Dec 29 7:35 PM, 2010
Dr. Mark Swanson vs Dr. Brian Boxer Walcher C3R

Hello to all

I have been following this Forum for about three months and I want to thank every one who has post his experience with KC. THis forum is like an Oasis in the desert.

I have a dilema and I need your help.  I have LASIK surgery in 2005 and I started wearing glasses again in 2008 and in September of 2010 I was dignosed with post Lasik Ectasia. (but doctors call it KC) .  I have been doing research in the different treaments since the doctors of my city they dont nothing about my condition. I found out about C3R and INtacts.   I found two great doctors but dont know which one to choose and time is running.

One is Dr. Brian Boxer Walcher in Beberylly Hills, California. According to him is his patien  testimonials he is having a great success with KC and post Lasik Ectasia patiens and I have spoke to his staff which is wonderful. However  his prices are little be high, but my vision is pricessless so dont care much about it.  ALso it seens that he has a marketing deparment since they have a lot of internet pages and information as well as follow ups.  He is 4 hours of driving from home. His pricess are as follow: Consultation $375 (includes his book) C3R $3200 per eye, INtacts 4200 Per eye.

Dr Mark Swanson in Mexico has as much experience as Dr. Boxer. He also claims to have a high success with his KC patiens and Post Lasik Ectasia.  I have spoke to his staff those who answer the phones, they are kind but when I ask question they dont see to know the answer from the top of their head, (thank god they only answer the phone) Dr. Mark Swanson dont seen to have a lot of marketing and found out about him thanks to the KC'ers in this Forum.  He is 13 hours of driving from my home., Dr. Swanson prices are as follow; Consultation $75, C3R $1500 per eye, intacts $3200 per eye. 

I want to go with the best even if cost more, however I dont want to pay double for the same treament just because the Dr. is in Beberly Hills, CA.  I apreciate any comments, advised and input the you can give me.

Best Reagards (sorry for my grammar errors)



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Date: Wed Dec 29 9:32 PM, 2010

Hi Ruben,

I would say you have to ask Dr BBW why he tries coinvince patient of his method of not removing the epithelium and not (and by the majority) Dr's first and have it proved first that way independantly (and with animal studies first too!). He does what he does as it gets round the FDA approval (he is just simply profiteering of the back of the proven european way of doing crosslinking). There is  lot of shamless marketing which, makes us, who has been around a long while, cringe a lot !!

Dr Swanson - I have only heard good things about him and he does Crosslinking the orginal and proven way with the Epi taken off.

Take Care


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