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Post Info TOPIC: Difficulty Contacting Dr. Lombardi


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Date: Fri Sep 2 12:30 PM, 2005
Difficulty Contacting Dr. Lombardi

Please help me. I am having great difficulty contacting Dr. Lombardi's office. I have seen the new site. Every time I try one of the phone numbers listed, I get a message in Italian, then the phone hangs up. The link from the web site to send an e-mail doesn't work, and sending e-mail to hasn't gotten me any response. The fax number appears to accept faxes, but I sent a fax with my contact information and a request for some information, but that hasn't seemed to work.

What is the best way to contact Dr. Lombardi's office? I have been trying for five days now and I've gotten nowhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Date: Fri Sep 2 1:00 PM, 2005

Warm Welcome Johnny,

Check what time it is in rome from the US. It may be the middle of the night for them over in Rome when you call so you may have to call when its the middle of the night for you depending where you are in the US.

...and I know they had trouble with viruses on there computer so they don't open emails which are not known to them before hand (as thats how they got the virsus).

I have not had trouble contact there office though... Prof. Lombadri is very busy and i'm sure his office will give you advise. The most important thing to remember is that it is Italy and so English is not their first language, So find yourself an italian friend that can translate for you when you call.

All the Best.

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Date: Fri Sep 2 5:22 PM, 2005

They are on holiday through Sept., 11.
When they are back, call them and ask for Jovanna. She speaks English very well.

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